I’m working in my underwear right now, you’re not.

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I guess the title of this post is not completely accurate as we all work in our underwear, unless of course going commando is your thing 😉 But I am literally hanging out in my office with nothing but my boxer briefs on. Working from home is pretty sweet, and like anything has its pros and cons:

1) Working at home is great. I don’t have to fight traffic and I’m never late to the office. The downside to working at home… I don’t have coworkers. Now some might see this as a pro, but I am a people person and wish I had fun coworkers that I got to see everyday. It’s like going to school, even though I wasn’t excited about going to classes, I enjoyed getting to see my friends in class. Going on five years now of working from home and there are definitely days I wish I had someone to shoot the breeze with. Sometimes I talk to the pillow just to feel like I have a friend 😉

2) The coolest thing about my job is I can work 50% of the time in my Spongebob Squarepants underwear. The only bummer is that my position requires me to be out in the field the other 50% of the time doing special agent thingys. This means I have to wear a full suit. I much prefer basketball shorts and a tank top over a coat and tie 🙁

3) Making my own hours is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. It’s great for the whole work/life balance schtick. But there is definitely a drawback, since I work from home…. work is always at home. I don’t get to leave my ‘ish at the office and mentally check-out for the weekend. Work is around me at all times and I’m constantly thinking “Oh I need to get this done.”

It’s kind of like when I had a big test coming up in college, even if I wasn’t studying for it I couldn’t help but feel like I should be.

4) I can watch TV, microwave popcorn, play music, etc. When your office is your living room you can do pretty much anything you want. Like watch TV.  While I initially thought this would be super cool, I have come to realize the only thing on during the day is Judge Judy and some crappy soap operas. Not exactly my style. Now give me some 16 and pregnant and I’ll be a happy camper!

Okay I’m done. These are just a few things that I thought were cool and not so cool about my experiences working from home over the years. It should be noted that I am not self-employed and, therefore,  do not have as much freedom to “do what I want” as someone who works for themselves would.

Have you ever been able to work from home? Did you (or do you think you would) love it or hate it?

And most importantly, Boxers or briefs?

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  1. We have been informed that a new dress code will be coming in to effect soon at work. I already hate that I have to wear closed shoes all the time. My toes need air and not socks. What will they be doing to us and why will I have to spend my own money to conform with their dress code?

  2. If my employer ever offered me the chance to work from home, I’d take it in a heart beat!! As I’m getting older, I find I work better alone and I’m quite disciplined when it comes to my job; I don’t like distractions while I’m working, and I currently work in an open area with some pretty boisterous people. My 30 minute commuter would become a 2 second walk from bedroom to office space. Got a taste of working from home this past Feb. when we had a snow day; boss-lady told us to bring our laptops home, just in case. Worked in my basement and LOVED it; didn’t turn on the TV once, had lots to keep me busy!

    We have a spare bedroom we’re setting up into a proper office; if the time ever comes that I can work from home, that area would be my workplace, and I’d shut the door at the end of the day 🙂

    Oh, and I’d live in yoga pants and t-shirts… and my flannel jammies in the winter <3

  3. We have the ability to work from home once or twice a week, or on an as-wanted basis (which is what I do). I like having the flexibility, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. I enjoy coming into the office, being around coworkers, and then leaving it behind. If I was ever in a position where a job was full-time work at home, I think I’d do a rent-a-cube thing in an office building where other people are doing the same thing. It wouldn’t be coworkers but it would be people.

    And I’m an introvert, so I guess that’s saying something.

  4. I work from home when I’m not at a client site making a presentation, which is about half the time. One tip my boss gave me was to have a separate space for my office. I know you guys have a one bedroom, but you might want to think about get a 2 bedroom someday. When I go into my office I immediately feel more focused, since that’s where I get work done, and when it’s quitting time, I physically go into another space and close the door. It’ helps keep the work from bleeding over into my personal life.

  5. First off – Boxer Briefs…. the comfort of a boxer, the snugness of a brief. LOVE THEM.

    I worked from home at an old job one day per week and while it was great to not have to fight the traffic, I really missed the interaction with coworkers and the whole feeling of going to work. Hard to describe, but I like the feeling of being “at” work. It’s always been a better experience to me.

    Yes, when I work from home I can get a LOT more done, because there are less interuptions (except when the cats need attention), but other than that, I think the pros are at the office. IPOD takes care of the music which I can play at my desk with earbuds in, and as long as I have my music, I’m good.

    And I think I would HATE wearing a suit 50% of the time.

  6. I keep a flash drive with all my work-related files, and I can dial in to our servers to work from home if I so choose. I also hate the interruptions and the people around me on the phones who think they aren’t doing their jobs if they can’t be heard in Montana. All the same, I increasingly prefer to work only in the office, though I will work at home after hours if I have a pressing deadline, because I want my time at home to be my own time.

    As for attire — just about no one wears suits in our office, and at home, I’ll leave that to all your salacious imaginations.

    • At my office all the people around me on the phone can be heard in Montana … because we are in Montana! And I can assure you that we do not hear your coworkers here so they can’t be *too* loud…

      I live one mile from the office and the type of work I do can’t be done from home (office manager). But it is a pleasant work environment so all is good. Casual dress code is also a plus but (thankfully) nobody shows up in their underwear.

  7. I have been working from home for two years and LOVE it. I usually grab my laptop and snuggle in bed for the first two hours before I make it into my home office. The flexibility to run errands, do dishes/ laundry, etc is so nice. Plus, I get to listen to music loudly and wear pjs all day. To be social (which I miss out on in the office), I go out with friends almost every night. It’s great.

  8. I can top that. Working from the tub right now 🙂 every morning, it’s wher I get my blog reading, research, and some post writing done. Been self employeed for 5 years noe an 70% is from the comforts of home and Jammies. Love it!

    • Author John Cheever said he wrote some of his best short stories in boxer shorts. Benjamin Franklin, owner of the first bathtub in America, wrote while immersed in it. So did Edmond Rostand, author of Cyrano de Bergerac. (Though I assume it was not the same bathtub as Ben’s.) See, nothing’s new under the sun.

  9. There are times I wish I could work from home, especially when I need to concentrate on big projects. It would be useful for me to have a separate office area where I have a bunch of monitors so I can connect my laptop. 🙂
    I don’t think I would like to work from home all the time.

  10. I get to work from home on occasion and I enjoy it. I don’t have to wake up early and deal with traffic. I am a boxer man, so that is what I wear. I have a friend that is a special agent and he does a lot of work from home when he is not actively working on a case.

  11. I can work from home about 30-40% of the time if I feel so inclined, but I rarely choose to do so anymore. I used to love it, but since I had my son, I’ve tried to keep work and home separate. I like leaving work at the office. I think I’d feel like you do, that it’s always there and I should be getting it done, and I want my time with my son to be family time without distractions. I have to go into the office to see clients, so unless I schedule a whole day for reports/paperwork (not always possible), I have to go in for part of the day anyway, so why not stay? Now that I close my door and put on my do not disturb sign, I get few unwanted distractions 🙂

  12. I’m working up the courage to ask my boss if I can work from home once or twice a week. My commute is at LEAST 1 hour long, so I’d save a lot of money and time on travel. I’m definitely envious of you! 🙂

  13. I love the concept of working from home, however it places more responsibility to get more done. I always enjoyed the interaction at the office probably because my role was more problem solver/manager than worker.

  14. I’ve been working from home for over 3 yrs now and I love it! I miss having co-workers though. Working from home helped with my listening skill as I can’t read my co-workers’ body language.

  15. I worked from home for 9 months and didn’t enjoy it. Part of it was because I felt very much “out of the loop” on what was happening in the office – important decisions get made in hallway meetings in our company, and not really communicated clearly to offsite people. Also, I didn’t have the option of going in occasionally, since I was working from Canada, and the office was in California. Plus, I was living temporarily back home with my mom and brothers, and was living out of a suitcase, so life wasn’t “normal”.

    These days I’m back in the office, and much prefer it, although I *should* make an effort to work from home once a week at least – I’d get a lot more done, plus I’d have the bennies of being able to take 5 minutes and load the dishwasher or move the laundry around, and get those chores done, rather than waste time in the evenings/weekends doing them!

  16. I work from home (self-employed) and the biggest drawback is the no-coworkers thing! I spend a LOT of time talking to the cat.

    But I get dressed as if I’m going to leave the house every single morning, because I don’t think I’d get anything done if I sat around in my undies!

  17. I like working from home when I have specific tasks that require lots of concentration. But i do really enjoy the energy of the office when we have a lot to do. A lot of my job involves talking with others and coordination technical solutions, which you can do virtually – but i much prefer to do face-to-face.

    So, in specific instances it is nice, but in general, I wouldn’t want to do it more than a day or two a week.

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