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Things I wished I knew when I graduated

What’s up everyone! Was your weekend good? Mine sure as heck was. Busy, but fantastic. A week from Wednesday I will be flying back to San Diego again, only this time I get to bring Girl Ninja back to Seattle with me!!!! YEESSSSSS! It’s been three months of living two states away and we are pretty much over it.

Anyways, I maximized hangout time in San Diego, which means I minimized time spent on my blog. Do you all feel neglected yet? You do? GOOD! Girl Ninja will always (and by always I mean 98% of the time) take priority over you peeps. So while I may not have a blog post for you today, I have a link to a blog post I wrote for Lending Tree’s Blog last week. If you want your daily fill of Ninja, you can click on over to that article and check it out. It’s called… Things I Wish I’d Known When I Graduated. Go check it out and leave a comment there (or here) with your two cents.

See ya’ll tomorrow.

p.s. My post that I quasi-jacked from Reddit was featured on the’s Moneyland section. I’m pretty sure that is just as cool as being featured as Time’s Person of the Year…watch out Zuck, Ninja’s coming for you 🙂

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  1. I think your post hits the nail on the head and I’m glad you included saving. I think too many new grads push saving (especially for retirement) off thinking they can do it some other time while building bad money habits.

  2. Savings should be number one! It is the old axiom of “paying yourself first”. It gives you choices and it puts you on tract to have more money.

  3. Great to hear you had a good weekend. I did as well. I managed to get some blogging done when everyone was still passed out 🙂

    I like your idea for a post today.

    As for the graduation post, I enjoyed your thoughts. You do need to learn how to enjoy your money and save at the same time. The beauty is that both are possible.

  4. Oh, shoot! The weekend passed, already? I can’t keep track of the days anymore. Just kidding. Great to hear you had a good time. Really enjoyed the graduation post. I can say, I share your sentiments, too, especially on the 5th one. I don’t why but it seems that every time I lose a job, I always contemplate on doing Grad school because I just get so clueless.

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