Why Hair Transplants Are Becoming More and More Popular

Women aren’t the only ones who care about their appearance, not by a long shot. Men like to groom themselves too. Whether it’s owning a collection of expensive lotions or just doing what Esquire magazine says they should, the average man tends to care a lot more about how they look these days. It’s fair to say, though, that as the need to look good has grown in men and with beauty standards always changing, no doubt insecurity and self-consciousness are on the rise too.

In the US alone, 85% of men will experience thinning hair by the time they’re 50. Nearly 40% of all the men in the UK are bald. As you probably know or at least can tell from these figures, male pattern baldness is hugely common and while it doesn’t bother some men, none of them asked to be bald. Some men, unfortunately, go bald before they’ve even had the chance to really live with hair as an adult. For some people it really sucks and the truth is, there really isn’t a lot that can be done about it – unless you’re able to afford surgery or opt for less expensive alternatives like hairpieces. Generally, though, a lot of men find the concept of a hairpiece embarrassing, especially when revealing it to those that are already aware of your baldness.

Hair transplants have surged in popularity because they’re a permanent solution to MPB. Instead of letting nature take its course, like a lot of men do and go on to look great without hair, by the way, you are able to regain your luscious locks over the course of a few treatments. What makes it permanent is that the hairs that are transplanted are resistant to the hormone that causes follicle degeneration, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Whether you decide to take the leap and receive treatment probably hinges on cost. After all, they’re not exactly cheap, coming in at somewhere between $4,000 and $15,000 typically. It’s unlikely to be covered on your insurance so there’s a good chance this is coming entirely out of your pocket. If you’re thinking about getting the treatment, be sure to look into the different options available, as we can’t all afford to pay outright for a new head of hair. The hair transplant cost can be so high that many people opt for financing, giving them the chance to spread their payments rather than part with a huge amount of cash in one go. Before you get started though, you should ask yourself why you’re doing it and pick the hair transplant procedure that’s right for you.

The Two Types of Hair Transplants

Follicular Unit Transplant: The Follicular Unit Transplant, often referred to as the ‘strip procedure’, is a method that requires the surgeon to transplant a naturally occurring group of hairs, usually up to four at a time. This is typically the most common hair transplant procedure because it tends to have the best results and is usually cheaper.

Follicular Unit Extraction: Though the two types of hair transplants are quite similar, follicular unit extraction comes with the least post-surgery discomfort and downtime. FUE

requires the extraction of individual follicles as opposed to harvesting strips of up to four hairs at a time. Which type of treatment you receive is either up to you or typically upon the advice of your surgeon.

A Couple of Reasons Why People Get Them

Improve Appearance

Remember complaining about having to wash your greasy hair, or what it was like to buy some sort of styling product? So does every other person who’s gone bald. Once in a while, a bald guy comes around, like Jason Statham, that’s described as the pinnacle of male attraction, the next James Bond, and the idea of them with a head of hair seems strange. Just because you’ve lost it, doesn’t mean you look better without it or even have to settle for it. If you want a new head of hair and can afford it then go for it – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Chances at Love

It’s painful to hear but some people just aren’t attracted to bald people. That’s fine – everyone has different preferences. It isn’t to say that the person you fall in love with and hope to spend the rest of your life with is someone that feels this way. But let’s be honest, plenty of people have been let down romantically over something they have zero control of. If you feel like it’s harming your chances of finding your soulmate, then consider if a hair transplant is for you. This procedure is entirely for your own benefit and shouldn’t be done for anyone else, however.


You need to know that these reasons for getting a hair transplant might apply to some people but it doesn’t mean they have to apply to you. You shouldn’t feel insecure about your baldness but if you do, and you feel like it’s having a negative effect on your life, whether in the search for love or in general life, there’s no shame in receiving the procedure or deciding to go without it. It’s always your decision – don’t have surgery for others’ sake.