Why am i awake at 4am?

So I won’t be posting any great content today. I’m staying at Grandma Ninja’s house and she doesn’t have Internet (I know it’s crazy). I’m typing this right now on my iPhone and hoping autocorrect doesn’t mess this post up. I’ll be back to normal posting on Monday.

On a side note, my aunt is a huge fan of Black Friday shopping so I told her I would go along for the experience. I’m hoping I’ll get some good stories from it to share on here. The morning begins at 4am ( I didn’t even know 4am existed). Pray that I come out alive.

5 thoughts on “Why am i awake at 4am?”

  1. I had a fortune cookie yesterday and this is what it said:
    "You shouldn't overspend at the moment. Frugality is important."

    Not that I'm superstitious but I took it as a good excuse to sleep in. The timing was perfect.

  2. Are you crazy? Use the Ninja elbows! I am not up at 4am, but will be excited to see what you get! Remember Ninja, ELBOWS!!!! Even against little old ladies, because they are VICIOUS!

  3. How did your Black Friday experience go? Score any deals? Find the need to shove n push or trip anyone? Ha. Just kidding. Hope it turned out to be a day worthy of waking up so darn early!

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