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Where to Buy Vizsla Puppies Near Me

Vizslas are supremely loyal, enjoy lots of time outdoors, and are the biggest cuddle bugs. Seriously, what’s not to love about them?!

In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, they are the 32nd most popular breed among 139 others! The only drawback? They’re also one of the rarest breeds to find on the market.

Are you on the hunt for a Hungarian Vizsla too? No worries! 

We’re about to hook you up with 8 of the best breeders in the United States. We’ve also hooked you up with two marketplaces, just in case non of the breeders are near you.

To make these buying process even smoother, we’ve also jotted down tips at the end of this article to help you avoid potential scams.

Let’s jump right in then, shall we?

8 of the Best Nearby Vizsla Puppy Breeders

Finding a reputable breeder requires extensive research. Some may claim to be on top of their game but will provide poor-quality puppies. Others may have a waitlist longer than the count of pooches they have. It’s a nerve-wracking task. We know. 

Fortunately for you, we did the hard work so you don’t have to. Let’s start with 8 of the best breeders that have Vizsla puppies for sale:

Crimson Sky Vizslas

Crimson Sky Vizslas is a renowned name for the Hungarian doggies. They’ve been in the industry for over 20 years.

They’re proud breeders of high-quality show, hunting, and family pups. Not only are their little ones well-trained, but they are also bred for better temperament and high intelligence. One of their Vizslas was even inducted into VCA’s Hall of Fame for the first time in history!

Rockport Vizslas

Rockport Vizslas is run by a family of breeders in Texas. They’ve got very friendly, sociable hunting dogs. Mostly bred in a homely environment with other domestic animals. The best part? They’re AKC-registered. 

EveningStar Kennels

Based in California, EveningStar Kennels is an established name in the breeding industry. They’ve been producing show-stopping quality Vizslas for over 30 years. Their pooches are among the healthiest and friendliest ones out there.

Sienna Pointe Vizslas

Found in Illinois, Sienna Pointe Vizslas offer purebred puppies two times a year. Each litter undergoes extensive behavioral training so they can adjust easily to their new home. 

Plus, they are AKC-registered and health-guaranteed. Because the puppy count is severely limited, families are approved for adoption after strict analysis. Their aftercare is amazing, though.

Walden Vizslas

Bringing out the most talented litters, we’ve got the Walden Vizslas reigning from Colorado. They’re known for their extensive family screening as well as their dogs’ excellence in agility, socialization, and bathroom habits.

Moonlight Vizslas

Moonlight Vizslas has been showing off its collections of perfectly healthy litters for a while now. They originate from California. Each parent Vizsla is tested according to the Canine Health Information Centre‘s suggestions before breeding. They make sure to crate-train the furry friend for an easy transition.

Once a family reserves a puppy, they receive lifetime care and a 3-year health guarantee. 

Red Diamond Vizslas

Situated in Nevada, Red Diamond Vizslas is highly committed to producing stud athletes.

They make sure that sires are bred in different states. This helps avoid inbreeding and ensures perfect health for puppies. Since Red Diamond Vizsla believes in transparency — you’ll be able to find each Vizsla’s treatment reports publicly available at OFA.

Boulder Vizslas

Boulder Vizslas has been producing show-quality Vizslas with an incredible domestic streak since 1998. They’re headquartered in Colorado. Their litters are regularly screened to rule out health problems and make perfect companion dogs. 

Boulder Vizslas has even received the Exhibitor Gold Award from AKC — for its excellent efforts to ensure healthy provisions,

2 Alternative Sources to Look Into for Vizsla Puppies

When buying from breeders, it can be difficult to reserve one at the right time. Particularly because reputable breeders have a limited number of incoming litters. Luckily, some marketplaces host hundreds of dog breeds from different sellers. And they usually have a vetting system in place to only list quality breeders.

Here are two very popular marketplaces to help you find Vizsla puppies:

American Kennel Club Marketplace

AKC Marketplace hosts over a hundred listings of Vizsla puppies from different sellers! They’re undoubtedly the most credible place to source dog breeds.

Every breeder listed at AKC must pass a set of protocols before selling. This ensures all litters on the site are AKC-registered, trustworthy, and belong to a responsible breeder.


The perfect pick to source a dog breed if you live in the States! 

PuppySpot lists Vizslas from different breeders after screening them with the help of USDA’s Animal Welfare policy. This way, each listed breed comes with a 10-year health guarantee.

The best part? Once you select a pup, it’s shipped out to you through PuppySpot’s private travel network ensuring optimal safety.

Expert Tips to Find Vizsla Puppies Near Your Area and Avoid Scams

  • Explore social media and join different breeder communities. It’ll help you understand Vizsla’s current market value. 
  • Consider adoption first. You don’t want to end up paying for a puppy that was up for adoption.
  • Don’t hesitate to network with people all over the world (even if you’re based out of the U.S.).
  • Don’t be shy to ask the breeder any questions even if it’s about the Vizsla’s hip scores. It prevents hip dysplasia in the long run. You could also inquire about after-sale support and vaccinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Vizsla puppy cost?

A Vizsla puppy usually costs around $2,000 depending upon its bloodline, breeder reputation, and quality. This does not include shipping costs in case your pooch is flying in from a different location. 

Moving forward, you’ll also need to budget at least $1,000 every year for food, vaccines, grooming, toys, etc. The lifetime cost of owning a Vizsla comes up to $21,500 approximately (if no major medical treatment is needed).

Working, show, or family pet, which Vizsla is best?

It entirely depends on what you need. Working Vizslas make great hunting partners on the trek. Show-quality Vizslas are perfect for producing purebred little ones. Domestic Vizslas, on the other hand, are great for unlimited snuggles, increased security, and improved physical activity.

Summing it Up

Although each breeder for Vizsla puppies here is well established, make sure to scour through their website before contacting them. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind and you’ll soon have a golden athlete bouncing around the house. 

If you really want this adorable fur baby, you’re going to have to pull the strings required to get one. Not to forget — you’ll need to give them the care and attention they so desperately demand and deserve. And don’t worry, it’s not that tough and it’s all worth it!



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