What’s your favorite dumb but fun expense?

If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine 🙂 Three years ago I was entering my senior year of college and was in need of a car to begin my adult life. I ended up getting a brand spankin’ new Scion tC. I was set on buying a used car, but with some funding from the parental units, the Scion tC was my destiny. It was love at first drive. Knowing what I do now about the depreciation of new vehicles, I probably wouldn’t have purchased brand new and would have stuck to a gently used car instead, but at the time I didn’t know any better.

By now you might be thinkin’ that the new ride is my “dumb but fun” expense…you’re wrong. As stupid as it was to buy a new car, the first thing I did when I drove it off the lot was cruise on over to the local Best Buy and got two 10″ Infinity subwoofers installed in the back. It set me back a cool 500 bucks (paid in cash) and made my car go boom boom boom. I thought I was sooooo tight because my speakers hit sooooo low.

Fast forward to today, I rarely use the things ’cause they are so dang overwhelming. Although, I do still love my occasional thump session, I wish I went with one 10″ sub instead, or possibly even no subs at all. I could use that extra cash flow for my student loan debt. Thinking about my dumb and fun speakers got me wondering what you PFers have dropped some dollars on that you only kind of regret….like a guilty pleasure if you will.

I posted a short video below of my subs doing their business to my PF Rap for those interested….

*if the video doesn’t work, go here*

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10 thoughts on “What’s your favorite dumb but fun expense?”

  1. Hey there…just saw your site for the first time. I love the blog name!

    My dumbest (and most fun) expenses are alcohol and concerts. I’ve gotten better about them both.

    I rarely drink out at bars, and instead drink at home. And I’m definitely going to fewer concerts than I used to, but I still travel to go see some shows.

  2. Why thank you Mr. The David. Everyone’s gotta have a dumb and fun expense every now and then.

  3. My dumb but fun expense are PlayStation Network games. They only cost like, ten dollars, and are usually super fun for a little while, but end up sitting there not being used a week or two after I purchase them.

    Super fun though.

  4. I bought a brand new car once upon a time. I chose a Toyota Corolla for the more practical reasons and I dont regret the buy but I still think about the cost and the fact I should have shopped around more and maybe gotten one used. I got the sport model, with 3 miles on her when I drove off the lot. Wifey and I still love the car and are glad we bought it but, ya know.
    Other than that, I sometimes buy domain names on a whim ;)I have half a dozen, with only one in use.

  5. LOL I probably spent over a grand on a sound system myself but this was in high school. Fortunately, when I bought my 07 mustang a year ago it came with 8 inch subwoofers from the factory and that hits nice, not overwhelming. I bought the car used btw, brand new it was 22k but I copped it for 14k (11k miles on it only) with 1.99% APR 🙂

  6. Not a bad deal on that ride dennis. I'm glad I'm not the only person that has a stupid investment in sound.

  7. My BF is like you – it's like anathema to imagine having a car without sounds! Unfortunately ours got broken into and his sub/amp stolen. Not gonna be replaced for a looong time. Such a shame – he got a REALLY good deal, they were worth about double what he paid cause he knew the guy at the store.

    For me, it's probably more about experiences – things like food, travel and concerts. Not that I've ever been to a concert – the few that I have wanted to go to, and could afford, I could never get tickets for! Big names sell out pretty much instantly in NZ. As for trying to score a good deal on trademe after the fact, well, i'm just too lazy 😛

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