What will twitter soon have in common with fanny packs?

They are both are going to be out of style. At least that is true according to an article I read on businessweek.com which challenged the continued popularity of Twitter. The article can be found here , but at usual, I’ll give ya the gist of it…

[…]But Twitter is still a fad, and according to a study out today, it looks like it’s popularity may soon fade. Conducted by Nielsen Online, it focuses on “Twitter Quitters,” people who start a Twitter account but then fail to return the next month. Twitter, the study points out, has a very low retention rate, just 40% […] If people can’t form a lasting Twitter habit, even when the site is at its trendiest, that’s the tell-tale sign of a fad.

So how does this article relate to the PF blogosphere? Twitter has become just as important, if not more important, than social bookmarking sites like tipd, stumble, etc. Each day I log in to my twitter account, I get updates from all of the people I follow and most of the time they provide a link to the blog they posted that day. It’s become a convenient way for me to check out other PF’ers posts.  Even cooler, they often throw out links to other sweet articles they have read. It has become another means for me to find great content from people with similar interests.  I have had a twitter account for a little less than a month now and have found it pretty dang useful (except for the twit-whores who update every ten seconds, they tend to get a little annoying.)

So what’s it gonna be? Is twitter gonna be a thing of the past a year from now? Or is that little blue bird in it for the long haul? Personally I think twitters growth will slow, but I also believe people that have had their accounts for more than a month or two will stick around and continue to tweet to their hearts content.

If nothing else, those of us with twitter accounts can walk away from that article with an inflated ego because we are apparently doing a “trendy” thing 🙂 Are you trendy? Do you have an account? If so, whats your username and how long have you been on? If not, why?

3 thoughts on “What will twitter soon have in common with fanny packs?”

  1. I have to admit, the Twitter thing hasn’t caught on with me yet. I signed up but haven’t done much with it. I don’t see the value in it when Google Reader and other things let me view the content I want just as easily. I mean, back when I started my blog I started trying to get in touch with a few of my favorite PF bloggers, and asked them to check out my blog for suggestions. Some did but some actually said ‘oh, well you need to Twitter your blog and follow me on Twitter’. Huh? It’s an extra step. Again, I don’t see the value added.

    I personally think it will just be a fad.

  2. I think it will stick around.

    I signed up for twitter before I ever started my blog (www.twitter.com/pffirewall) but I didnt really get into it till a bit later.

    It is a bit confusing as to why you would want to be bombarded by 140character messages constantly but the beauty is that its an always on, constant stream of up to date information.

    Police stations, fire stations, news companies and the like are getting on Twitter to be able to spread information like wildfire. Previous medias were not able to communicate in mass in the way Twitter is able to.

    Since I started getting into the conversation more and building connections on Twitter, as well as tweeting my blog posts, my traffic has grown and I now know quite a bit more people out there in the world in varied fields so if I ever need something that I know based on their Twitter profile that they have expertise in, I can tweet them and get a quick response. I have conducted business via Twitter, gotten ideas and gotten instant feedback from readers.

    @admin – You can set your blog to auto tweet new posts so its a one time extra step and then you can forget about it. Your followers may continue to grow as you spread your content thus spreading it even further.

    Even if it is a fad, its good to get in while its hot and take advantage of the media while you can.

  3. Admin and Jesse- It seems we shall agree to disagree and see where the future takes us. I do like the idea of hopping on the trend bandwagon, even if it a short lived ride!!!

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