Well that was kind of awesome.

Two days ago I mentioned I was amongst the top ten contenders being considered for the “People’s Choice Award” at this years personal finance bloggers conference. At the time of the post I didn’t stand a chance; I was at the bottom of the list. But guess freaking what!!!!!

WE WON!!!!!!

That’s right peeps, we straight up hijacked the category and I went from 8th place to winner in a little over 24 hours.

After winning I tweeted a very sentimental message.


Seriously though. You guys are pretty awesome for taking the time out of your day to show me some love. I’d say something nice like “I’ll buy you all a round of drinks”, but that would be a lie because a) I am probably never going to meet you AND b) even if we did meet, I’m too cheap to buy you a drink.

On an unrelated note, I found out yesterday that I can give y’all details on our upcoming TV appearance. If you want to see me and Girl Ninja be interviewed on NBC you need to tune in to the Steve Harvey show (I think it’s on same channel as Ellen, just before her show) on Monday at 2pm CT. You’ll have to check your local listings though to make sure of its air time.

I’m pretty nervous to see it. We were on stage for about 35 minutes, but we know the segment is only going to last 12 min. That means they are going to cut out half of what we talked about, and as we are all aware, TV editing can make someone look awesome or like a total douche. Really hoping its more awesome and less douchey but I’ll find out when you guys do.

Anywho, thanks so much for supporting the site and making me feel important. Just when I think about hanging up the towel y’all give me a reason to want to keep writing.

Hugs not drugs,

p.s. my first thought flying in to Denver was “Meh.”

21 thoughts on “Well that was kind of awesome.”

  1. Oh so proud!
    Also proves what I thought all along you have the smartest readers around!
    Hoping for less douchey as well but that is not good TV so expecting to see someone I won’t even recognize.

  2. That’s awesome Ninja, congrats! This has really been an outstanding year for you, hasn’t it?

    I’ll DVR the show, I’m sure you guys will come off great. Or at least Girl Ninja will 😉

  3. Congratulations, dude! Yeah, TV editing really can make people look however they want. Hopefully you come out looking ninja awesome and not so much ninja douche. Either way, hopefully you get a bump to your blog traffic! (and if they m ake you look like an idiot, maybe you’ll get an even bigger traffic bump — people do like watching a train wreck). So either way, you’re gonna be just fine, dude. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the award Ninja, you deserve it. Don’t worry about being douchey on TV as you have no control over it, unless of course you were seriously wearing a ninja suit, which would have been awesome.

  5. I second DebtsNTaxes comment and hope you did go with a Ninja Suit… and a blinging Dollar dollar sign.

    Congratulations Ninja!

  6. TV editing can make someone look awesome or like a total douche.

    They’re not going to make you look like a total douche. You’d have to go on Springer to do that, or Judge Judy, or Big Brother, or one of those other shows where the sole aim is to make pathetic and unfortunate people look as stupid as possible, invariably with their total cooperation.

  7. DIA it’s outside of town, so i get what you’re saying. Lodo (downtown) is pretty cool with two professional sport stadiums and a good evening atmosphere. If you are looking to get rowdy, check out schwervers bar in the arts district and tell Dane that Huser sent you. He will take care of you.

  8. I just have one question…..Did you go up on your wife’s monthly allowance?
    It wasn’t a bad segment. I actually found your blog from the show…..lol….I look forward to reading more.

  9. Congrats on the award! First heard about Punch Debt in the Face at FinCon, and I have to give you props for your distaste of debt. Awesome! Congrats on your segment too!

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