Ways to Stay Busy During Quarantine

The phrase “we are all in this together” is one being used often during this quarantine. The reason is because everyone is at home. No one is excluded, everyone is affected. One of the major hurdles people are facing during this time is staying busy and finding ways to occupy their time at home. Below is a list I compiled to help you come up with some ideas. Do what is best for you and what works for your situation.


Even though people can’t physically go to a gym, which is where people typically exercise, they are finding creative ways to work out. Working out is not only good for you physically but also has many mental benefits that are beneficial during this stressful time. Many gyms are offering online classes or video streaming. If you aren’t a member of a gym, you can also get a workout by searching through youtube. There are plenty of options available for free. As long as you  have a computer or smart tv to stream from then you are good to go. Besides structured classes you can also get exercise by utilizing the outdoors. Running or walking can be instrumental to keeping in shape and keeping your mind clear.

The Outdoors

Since the weather has turned, it seems that getting outside for some fresh air is best for everyone. Not only is it good from the virus standpoint (less germs brewing) but also the possibility of activities. Hiking, Biking, Fishing, and various sports can all be done when the weather is nice. Just getting outside for a nice walk can be great. When I drive around I am seeing so many families out on a walk or bike ride together. It gets them out of the house and for fresh air. A lot of outdoor venues/parks/trails have opened as well. This allows you to change things up.


Family game night has been more popular than ever! It allows you to use your brain and spend some quality time with one another. If you are tired of the ones you already have at home, you can swap with other families to change things up. Not only physical games are fun, but also virtual. You can do online gaming, video games or even online sports betting. You can do this anytime and anywhere.


As previously mentioned, now is a great time to be creative and get your creative juices flowing. You may have the time to do projects that you have waited to do or make. You may also have children who have all of the boxed supplies and sets that have been unused. Now is the perfect time to break them out. 


Now is a great time to catch up on your reading. Weather you are interested in learning something new or reading the latest best seller, there is no better time. You literally have all the time in the world with nowhere to be. Especially with electronic books it makes all books accessible. 


Binge watching television is popular amongst those staying at home. It is safe and you don’t have to feel bad about staying home and being lazy by sitting on the couch. Watch the movie you always wanted to see or catch up on the latest tv series that everyone is talking about on social media. Now is your time to keep up with the joneses. 

Obviously we need to thank all of the essential workers who continue to be out and helping others so the world can still function. They may not have the luxury of being home as much and having the free time to spare. Hopefully this list gives you some good ideas to pass the time if you are home during quarantine.

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  1. …and religion or just checking in on other people. See how they are doing. Anxiety is high right now.

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