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Ways To Make Money From Your Couch

Life is hard and money always seems to be at the root of it. Everyone is always looking for ways to make more money. Sometimes, you do all the work you need to…you do well in school and get the appropriate degrees, you get a good job, and it still isn’t cutting it. Did you know the real median household income in the united states was 63,179 in 2018. For a single person this may seem good but with a family, it doesn’t leave you with much. So what can you do to earn more for your family? There are simple and easy ways to earn a few dollars right from the convenience from home. Even better, from your couch at night while you are watching tv.


The obvious way to earn money is to invest it and watch it grow. You can do this by putting any extra money you have in stocks or mutual funds. Do some research online and you will find that there are some ways you can make some easy money. You can also invest in things like real estate or business ventures. You may be surprised by the potential they have. The only downfall to this method is that you need to have extra funds to begin with. Money that you have sitting around.

Direct Sales

A popular form of income these days, especially for stay at home moms, is direct sales. There are many companies out there that offer products to be sold online. You sign on to be a consultant or marketing expert for the company and sell products for them. Many use social media to drive their business and get the word out to others or some may even have parties to expose their products. Anywhere from accessories, makeup, home cleaning to beauty, there are companies to choose from that interest you. Sell, make money and even earn free products!


There are some online companies who offer to compensate you for your time taking surveys. All you have to do is sit on your computer or phone and answer questions for them. The compensation may not be large but if you do a bunch of them in the evening while relaxing that it could add up to a pretty penny.


Sometimes it isn’t about making more, but spending less. If you save money by not spending as much, then the money you earn can get you further. You can do this by saving money on your bills like electric, phones or cable. You can even try to save money with your credit cards. If you have credit card balances built up than it may be best to consolidate to save money on interest. You can also save money by not wasting it on entertainment. Less cups of coffee could really add up to some savings.

Overall, there are many options for you to earn a few extra dollars even if you have a full time job. You can do all of these things right from the convenience of your home during off hours if need be.


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