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Ways to Avoid A Scam

I recently was a victim of a scam where my credit card number was stolen. The thief used my card to buy almost $1,000 worth of groceries on a popular online grocery site! This incident made me really look into how this could have happened and ways to avoid it. There are many sources that are popular for thieves that should be red flags and be paid more attention to.


With technology moving in the direction that it is, everything is online these days. This technology is great but at the same time it also adds a lot of security risks. All sites are subject to being hacked so basically your info isn’t as safe as it used to be. Many businesses out there are trying to take the proper security precautions to make transactions secure. When using sites, especially when you are buying something, make sure the site is secure and has additional security steps to make sure your information isn’t at risk.

It is every computer owner’s responsibility to make sure they have up to date antimalware installed.  Running a periodic scan is imperative to avoiding a scam.


There are many scams out there over the phone. There are reports that people are getting phone calls from people who are pretending to be someone else. They get information out of the people over the phone and use it to steal their money or identity. For example, they may pretend to be one of their family members in trouble and ask for money. Or they may pretend to be the IRS asking for your social security number. As previously explained, be sure you are aware and paying attention when giving away your information. When you are on the phone never give out your social security number and otherwise make sure you are speaking to who you think you are.

There is a ridiculous scam that has become popular recently where you literally give access to a hacker proclaiming to be a representative from Microsoft. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS ONE!


Another thing to worry about are skimmers. Skimmers are devices that can steal your number when swiped through the device. Gas stations and Atms are popular locations for these devices. The key is to be aware and make sure when you swipe your card that it doesn’t look suspicious or look like it has additional equipment attached that could compromise your card information.

It is no fun that we need to worry about these things these days but it is a reality. The best advice is to just be aware of what you are doing. Know where and who you are giving your information to avoid being scammed.


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