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Watchu know about Adaptu?

I’m out of town for the week taking some kids to Young Life camp so they can have the best week of their lives. Today I have a guest post from Jenna who works for Adaptu, a company whose goal is to provide a single source of financial information, money management tools and expert and community support to help their members transform their financial lives and live the life they want.

Do you have trouble managing unexpected expenses or resisting sudden impulse purchases?  If so, you are definitely not alone, 54% of workers are concerned about not having sufficient emergency savings for unexpected expenses.  We just added an exciting new feature to the popular Adaptu Mobile Wallet, making it even better with “Did You Know” alerts.  These personalized text messages include tips to help you stay on track and improve your finances.

What do to first?  Download Adaptu Wallet for FREE for the Android at Google Play here, in the Amazon Marketplace here and for the iPhone here.  If you already have an account on all you need to do is enter your email address and password.  You’ll then be asked to create a four-digit PIN for extra security.  Give Adaptu Wallet a couple of minutes and your accounts information from will show up.  If you’ve never created an account on, you can still create an account on the Mobile Wallet, but I’d highly recommend creating it first on  Personally my fat fingers don’t do so well on touch screens and my banking passwords are complicated. It is much faster to set it up online.

On the home screen you’ll see the only mobile wallet app with a predictive view of your cash flow.  This exclusive Adaptu feature can plan and adjust for future spending and then view your cash flow in the past, present and future.  This is the first way Adaptu’s Mobile Wallet can help you save money right now: no more buyers remorse or accidentally going over budget.

Once you’ve got your financial accounts set up, add your rewards programs.  The is the second way Adaptu’s Mobile Wallet can help you save money right now, by tracking all your rewards points in one location, you can make more informed purchasing decisions.  For example, if you need to book a last-minute plane ticket, the Adaptu Mobile Wallet can tell you how many airline rewards miles you have on various carriers.

Good thing the Adaptu Wallet can tell you how much money you have in the bank, how much of that money has already been accounted for in future transactions, but also can tell you how many airline rewards miles you have on various carriers.

You’ve added accounts and rewards points.  Let’s lighten your physical wallet some more.  Clean out all those membership, rewards, business contacts and insurance cards, enter their information into the Adaptu Wallet; snap a photo and your good to go.  This is the third (and fourth) way Adaptu Wallet can save you money, security and time.  Need to make a quick stop at the pharmacy but don’t have your insurance card on you?  Not a problem, Adaptu’s Mobile Wallet has you covered.  Purse gets stolen?  No more worrying if you’ve forgotten a credit card or other identifying information, Adaptu’s Mobile Wallet has screen shots of all your cards to help your remember who you need to contact.

The final way the Adaptu Mobile Wallet can help you save money right now is with our new “Did you Know?’ Alerts, timely personalized messages to help you meet your financial goals. Examples include letting you know when you are at risk of negative cash flow (spending more than you have coming in), or congratulating you on positive cash flow (saving more than you spend). The goal of “Did You Know?” Alerts are to help you stay in control of your finances. Unlike alerts triggered by banking transactions, the ‘Did You Know?’ Alerts use proprietary logic to create custom text messages based on your spending patterns.

We hope you give the Adaptu Mobile Wallet a try, and if you do, we would love to hear how you use it to save money.



  1. What kind of insurance do you have so that if you get hacked and our accounts get emptied we can be made whole?

    • Hey ParatrooperJJ – Adaptu is a read-only site, meaning you cannot move money between accounts. You can only view balances, deposits, and withdrawals of all your accounts. This provides you with comprehensive view of your financial life and is the first step in improving the financial you. We take security very serious at Adaptu, you can read more about it here:

  2. @Jenna and Savvy Hi Ladies! Just replied to you over on J Money’s blog. 😀
    This sounds very similar to with some added features. I like being able to track all your rewards points in the same place as your money. Will def be interested to see what others say about it.

  3. Thanks for the post, I have to admit that given prior opportunity, I never took the time to see what Adaptu was about. The Mobile Wallet seems really interesting, I especially like being able to snap a photo of certain cards so I don’t have to physically carry them. The security of all this is my primary concern, but since you have tackled that in a previous comment, I am off to read about that!

    • We don’t have a check register feature right now. But you can mark checks as cleared.

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