It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: A post from Girl Ninja!

Ninja loves to shop.

If you have to read the above sentence one more time, I understand.  Let me explain….

Yesterday, something very unusual happened in the our household.  Ninja spent money on himself – a lot of money on himself.  Unplanned.  No budget saved up, no pre-meditated spending limit.  And guess what? I LOVED it (and I think he did too).

It all started with a trip to Costco to stock up on some birthday, BBQ, and camping supplies for the near future.  Ninja’s transformation began when I picked up one dress shirt that caught his interest, priced at an affordable $19.87 (Costco always has weird prices at the end…why is that?).  The stack of dress shirts brought us next to the table of khaki dress pants. Knowing Ninja’s normal shopping attention span is about 2.8 seconds, I immediately began digging for his sizes before he mentally checked out and gave up.

Before I knew it, I looked up to find that he had wandered over to the next table – and then the next – and then the next.  He was quickly committing to purchase after purchase, filling our cart with clothes. I didn’t push, bribe, or persuade in ANY way,  pinky promise.  By the time we were ready to move onto our actual Costco shopping list, Ninja had impulsively picked out a dress shirt, dress pants, casual shorts, and board shorts.

From previous posts, you might know that I have a monthly budgeted spending allotment, Ninja does not.  We also have very different spending habits.  Ninja shops semiannually;  Once in the summer, and once in the winter.  Over the course of a year, I probably spend more than him in total (don’t tell him I admitted that).  My purchases are more frequent, but typically not as much as Ninja spent yesterday (with the exception of the Nordstrom Sale….I have my presale appointment tomorrow!!!!).  However, when he does take these unexpected shopping sprees, I LOVE it because I hope it reminds him of  few things about spending:

  1. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you see it
  2. You can’t always plan on when you are going to find a good deal….so you can’t pass it up!
  3. Lighten up about spending money.  We save, share, and invest….and its’ not ridiculous to spend money too.  You don’t always have to say no, just because you weren’t dreaming about it for months and months, and didn’t research all possible options.

We have been married for 2 years, and we still have our spending habit differences…  BUT, we are definitely learning from each other, and figuring things out.  I’m thankful for what he teaches me, and I hope that he has learned a little from me as well (today’s shopping spree sure seemed like he did 😉 )

Do you shop more like Ninja (a few big sprees each year) or like myself (picking up things as you need them)? Anyone else excited for the upcoming Nordstrom sale?! Do any couples actually have the SAME spending habits as their partners?



14 thoughts on “It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: A post from Girl Ninja!”

  1. Hey GN! I’m very similar to Ninja when it comes to shopping. Typical guys that we are, we hunt for instant results where you girls forage and gather stuff (learned that from a play called Defending the Caveman). Unfortunately my stuff is usually not on sale because I don’t have the patience to wait or search for them. My wife is always excited to see me buy clothes because it rarely happens so she is not too concerned with the cost. Still, she is definately a saver like myself and forces me to make the big purchases so she doesn’t have to see the cost. The same reason why she likes me to manage the money so she doesn’t have to stress about the little spending that she does. I like to see her spend money though, because like me, she rarely does.

  2. Since I do not go out very so often, I only buy new clothes whenever I needed them. An example, we attended our niece’s debut last Saturday. The debutante requested that we wear a blue formal dress. Unfortunately, I do not have a blue dress so I felt I needed to buy one. I also bought a similar blue dress for my daughter because most of her dresses are pink, purple, white, and green. It was her first blue dress. The last time I went shopping for clothes was last year, before they went back to school.

  3. As for the weird price endings, stores use those as a code. I don’t know what Costco’s actually are, but for example, a price ending in 7 is clearance, one ending in 4 could be permanent markdown, sale prices end in 8, new products end in 9…

  4. I tend to only shop when I need things. After some soul searching I discovered that I could be an all the time shopper (i.e. I’m bored/sad/happy/itchy let’s go shopping) so in order to keep that under control I have been very stringent about only buying things that I need when I need them. I do occasionally pick random things up here and there or splurge on the occasional treat for myself but, for the most part I don’t shop at all! The complimentary project that I undertook was to remix all the clothes in my wardrobe for one year… I’m in year three now and it’s been a great (eye-opening/money-saving) experience.

  5. My husband and I have the same shopping habit: Never go shopping until an item is absolutely necessary, then buy that item and occasionally add on one or two others. I think if we weren’t so tight in our “Appearance” budget we would both shop more like Ninja.

  6. Well I don’t know about the couple spending habit thing, I’m happily single right now. I do both. I do major shopping trips in the fall and late spring for all my major stuff. But If I’m in a store and I see something I like I’ll pick it up, whether it is clothes or electronics depends on where I’m on in the store and what store I’m shopping at!

  7. Your cartoons are hilarious. We typically buy clothes in bunches at a time simply due to the fact we both hate shopping and just want to get the process over with and not have to deal with it for a while.

    Unfortunately, we’ve had to shop more the past couple years because of losing weight (me 30lbs, him 130lbs just before we met and 20 lbs since). We will be sticking to only what we absolutely need until our debt goal is over…so rare things here and there! The best part is, I get “new clothes” due to fitting in clothes in my “skinny drawer”! The worst part is, my husband doesn’t agree with my old sense of fashion! Hah!

  8. I hope this doesn’t come out wrong. I apologize if I seem rude.

    Obviously, you are a person of taste and you talk about shopping at Nordstorm. Don’t you feel bad when Ninja buys clothes from Costco? I’ve been to Costco and seen their clothes, they are not very good. Wouldn’t there be better clothes at the clearance racks of nice stores or maybe at Nordstorm Rack?

  9. I thought this was so funny that I read it to my wife. I am like Ninja. I hate shopping. I can play sports for hours and not get tired, but make me shop and I have no stamina. My wife is a total spendthrift. I keep trying to explain to her that you can go broke on sales. I never need clothes because my wife will often see something I need and get it for me. Or, she will buy something to justify all the clothes she buys for herself 😉

    The one exception is shoes. I like buying shoes, but I only get new shoes about once per year.

    Oh, and if it’s a gadget, I’m the spendthrift 🙂

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