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Wait. How did that happen?

I’ve always been told the best way to predict the future is by looking at the past.  Next time someone tells me that I’m going to kick them in the earlobe. I’ve had 11 jobs in the last eight years and there is virtually no continuity between them. See for yourself (note: some of these jobs were seasonal summer positions)….

  1. Assembled x-ray machine equipment in a factory
  2. Worked for my college campus’ student activities dept
  3. Kitchen cook at summer camp
  4. Director of student activities for college campus
  5. Ropes/outdoor activities guide at summer camp
  6. Jansport stickerer (put price stickers on backpacks for 8 hours)
  7. Pac-sun retail clerk
  8. Building manager for college campus building
  9. Background “extra” on Veronica Mars
  10. Psychiatric technician
  11. Special Agent/Blogger

Whoever said “You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been” is a big fat liar. According to my work history I could end up being the next President of the United States or a male stripper.

Does this popular phrase apply to you? Take a second to list your career progression in the comments section below and let’s all laugh at how far (or not far) we’ve come over the years. Based off your history, what is your likely next position?

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  1. Awesome!

    Paper route girl
    Cafe bitch
    Call centre employee
    Casual hospitality catering staff bitch
    Cafe bitch
    Admin assistant
    Online content administrator
    Online editor
    Online editor

    What next? I honestly have no idea…

  2. First of all: you’ve earned my undying admiration…you were an extra on one of my all-time fave shows, Veronica Mars!!!

    Salesgirl at Sears
    Front counter at McDonald’s
    Movie theater (concessions, usher, box office–everything)
    Hippie t-shirt shop clerk
    Bookstore (receiving clerk and bookseller, at two different bookstores)
    Law office secretary/file clerk
    Copy editor
    Publication project manager
    Multimedia proofreader/PM (and freelance copy editor/proofreader whenever possible)

  3. Baskin Robbins Cake Decorator
    Office Assistant
    Sold Time Share
    Social Science Researcher
    HR Specialist
    Full Time Mom to special needs twins
    Sold Dog Food
    Office Manager

    One day I will go back to teaching…but now is not the right time!

  4. This is a fun game…my list is so random that I have to keep a couple different resumes just so I don’t look schizophrenic:

    Upscale restaurant bus girl
    Bookstore sales rep
    Member of Provincial Parliament constituency office caseworker
    Social assistance (i.e. welfare) caseworker
    Credit card pusher at Canadian Tire
    Beginner ballet teacher
    Summer programs coordinator for girls’ home
    Boutique store salesperson
    Telesales for accidental death insurance
    ESL instructor (2 different places)

  5. Babysitting (I know this isn’t really considered a “job”, but I used to bank so much money from this! We’re talking, $100 – $150 a night, and that was over 10 years ago!)
    Pac Sun retail clerk 🙂
    Subway sandwich maker
    Basketball referee
    FunFitTastic children’s fitness instructor
    Home Depot customer service/paint associate
    Applebee’s server
    Country Club server
    Private Tutor
    Chemical Laboratory Technician
    Graduate Student
    Legal Assistant at a law firm
    Mystery Shopper
    Catering assistant
    Chemical Engineering Project Engineer (current full time job – and I still do the mystery shopping and catering part time in addition to my full time job)

  6. Being President of the United States and male strippers have more in common than you realize. I’d rather be a male stripper, but I don’t have the body for it.

  7. Busgirl/dishwasher/banquet staff
    Ski Rental Shop
    Worked at TJ Maxx
    Worked at Border’s
    Chemist for a Agriculture research Farm
    Pharmaceutical Chemist
    Environmental Chemist

  8. Babysitter
    Student Office Assistant
    First Gen College Student Mentor
    Civil Engineer

    My list isn’t quite as impressive as the rest!

  9. Inventory specialist
    Police Records Clerk
    Mall Help desk
    Game store
    Toy store
    Airport store
    Adult retail
    Phone Banker
    Restaurant Cashier
    Bank Teller

  10. Mowed lawns
    Paper route
    Automotive parts warhouse runner
    Dish washer
    Compaq pc support
    Yahoo dsl support
    Isp support
    Desktop support
    System admin
    Systems engineer

  11. Over 25 yrs. full time in Customer Service realm, and many part time retail and waitressing jobs that I did in my younger days.

  12. The past is actually a pretty good predictor of the future for me. I’m trending towards business though so wish me luck!

  13. Pizza maker at a small town shop
    waitress at a Jerry’s J-Boy
    waitress at Bonanza then Ponderosa (same place, changed names)
    Christmas help at a toy store in the mall
    temp at a factory making motors for appliances
    back to Ponderosa, different town
    sold vacuum cleaners
    waitress back at Jerry’s
    clerk at London Fog
    assistant manager at another retail outlet store
    packer at a distribution center
    full time student
    clerk at a Quilts, Int’l retail store
    factory job making magazines
    Lowe’s – cashier, head cashier, customer service, auditor
    Accounts receivable clerk at a manufacturing company
    Supervisor at a bookstore
    Acct Mgr at same bookstore on a college campus

    Next job will for sure be on same campus. I have a lot of time put in so far…. retirement and benefits are awesome.

  14. Babysitter (starting at age 11)
    Piano Teacher (age 13-19)
    Office Temp (high school summer gigs)
    Cashier (various retail stores during high school/undergrad)
    Teaching Assistant (undergrad)
    Employment Counselor (summer co-op, undergrad)
    Research Assistant (summer co-op, undergrad)
    Teaching Assistant (grad school)
    Telemarketer (worst gig ever bar none)
    Research Assistant (grad school)
    Psychology Resident
    Psychology Professional Practice Leader for my agency

    After all the crappy jobs I had to do to get through lots of school, I’ve been happy with my progress in the last 3.5 years since completing my training. I am now supervising others, doing clinical work etc. I don’t know what’s next really. I’m going on mat leave, so I’m getting a promotion to Mom soon 🙂 Hopefully one day I’ll have more administrative roles to balance out the clinica work. That would make me happy for a long time I’d say.

  15. – picked raspberries
    – short order cook in a cafeteria
    – warehouse receiving
    – customs/border agent
    – processed applications for the transport of hazardous materials
    – processed termination letters and generated re-hire letters for HarbourMasters at Small Craft Harbours, also translated letters from French to English and vice versa
    – collections officer for Revenue Canada – collected overdue income tax
    – generated and processed subpoenas for traffic court and provincial court
    – collections officer for Revenue Canada again – this time it was a permanent position
    – software engineer/dba/release manager/support engineer/network admin/whateverneedsdoingnext

  16. Cashier at a putt-putt/batting cage place
    Retail slave
    Retail slave
    Office worker for the 2010 Census
    Retail slave/blogger

    Next up is hopefully accountant….or full time blogger. Or both.

  17. retail slave, news editor, cook, dishwasher, counselor, taxpayer slave. not sure what would be next.

  18. Paper route
    Page at a public library
    Concert promoter
    Cashier at a sporting goods store
    Cashier at a clothing store
    Office assistant
    Waitress at a chain pizza place
    Unpaid intern at a political magazine
    Freelance writer/editor
    Psuedo-lifeguard at a condo pool
    Odd-jobber (during one summer when I couldn’t find a job to save my life
    Section editor at an online magazine
    Managing editor of a university magazine
    Assistant editor at an independent magazine

    I thought this was going to be really funny, but actually, that’s a pretty solid/typical career trajectory. Hmm. Maybe that saying does apply to me.

  19. News Assistant Intern for a daily paper
    Writing Consultant (writing center)
    Writing Instructor (2 institutions over 8 years)
    Long-distance writing tutor for homeschooled children
    Writing Center coordinator
    Blogger (though I never made any money)
    Freelance writing curriculum developer
    Graduate Programs Coordinator

    Yeah, except for the serving thing (which I think everyone’s done), it’s all pretty typical.

  20. Veronica Mars is smarter than you 🙂 and i’m super jealous.

    Hmm, my employment history is actually pretty bland.

    Summer Camp counselor (13 -18 years old)
    Extremely Sporadic baby sitter (like maybe 10 times between the ages of 14 and 19)
    Country Club Pro Shop Manager (15-18yrs old)
    Retail slave for 2 months in college
    Graphic Designer / Production Artist (19-26 – started as an intern and currently being strung along as an independent contractor/temp worker, even though I’ve been with the company since 2004… and yes I am bitter and working on a resume)

    Future Job: Independently Wealthy Crafter/Blogger/Professional Volunteer/Globe Trotter?

    One could dream.

  21. Student Receptionist at church rectory
    Target sales associate
    Pho noodle bowl constructor/burrito maker at on-campus locale
    Engineering Student Affairs Office Assistant
    Engineering intern/report generator for seismic restraint consultant
    Mechanical Engineer

    Future: Mechanical Engineer? Manager? Financial Advisor? Finance sell-out? Teacher? Zunicorn rancher? Bajillionaire?

  22. Cinnabon maker
    Coffee maker
    Credit card call center employee (best job to have at 18, this is where I learned what a credit score was and how to not screw it up)
    Hospital PBX operator
    wireless call center rep
    wireless call center supervisor
    –2nd job intern at furniture store, working on interior design degree – quit when other company paid me WAY to much to leave
    wireless analyst

    Future job–next – wireless consultant 6 year goal – not sure but will be 2 pay band higher (exciting I know).

  23. ok I have to say I am so proud of this reading base – I loved Veronica Mars and DN had never even watched the show I was so excited that I told him I would disown him if he did not do the gig! This proves that PDIITF readers ROCK!

    reatil cashier
    cashier at mini race rtack
    bank teller
    Inside sales Cable
    sales aerospace turbine company
    Customer Service in Electrnoic manufaturer
    PM for Electronics Manufacturer
    Customer Service for Insurance company
    AOG Buyer for aerospace (Aircraft on Ground)
    Contracts Manager
    Program Manager
    Customer Service Supervisor

    yep I move around alot but my favorite job is still MOM! Love you DN

  24. Babysitter
    Events Worker – School job
    Events Manager – School job (promoted)
    Market Research Analyst
    Community Manager
    Emerging Leader for a Nonprofit

    Who knows what is next for me? Hopefully something even more exciting then what I’m doing now!

  25. Door to door salesman
    Bathroom accessory ceramic sprayer
    Mail room clerk for corporate office
    Camp janitor
    Sales engineer
    Accounting manager
    Accounting Supervisor
    Sr. Financial Analyst
    VP of Finance & Administration
    Chief Financial Officer
    Entrepreneur (Income property, restaurant, studio catering)
    Consultant (financial & computer)
    Retirement comes next in 6 years

  26. paper route boy
    Yard work
    Camp Counselor
    College Dorm Janitor
    Camp Counselor
    Batting Cages Employee
    Bus Boy
    Assistant Supervisor
    Student Services Advocate
    Admissions Advisor
    Client Services Rep.
    Client Services Rep. Team Leader

  27. Chuck E. Cheese (literally, I was the mouse)
    Barista (SBUX!)
    Barnes and Noble retail clerk
    Play-it-Again Sports retail clerk
    Pool Boy (easiest and most lucrative job for the short hours worked)
    Assistant Youth Director at a church

    Did my past lead to the present….. NEGATIVE!

  28. hmmm….. it’s a lotta years to cover (many of these were held simultaneously)
    Babysitter extrodinaire – 11 – 19
    McDonalds server
    McD’s manager
    Assembly worker in book production factory
    tap dance instructor
    recreation leader at day camps
    library assistant
    student, student, student
    library tech staff supervisor
    library book binding preparation clerk
    manager of switchboard
    director of several depts in hospitall
    Information consultant for government
    academic advisor for health care profession university program
    project lead for health care projeccts
    government worker establishing distance educattion and training programs
    book editor
    develop publications/tools for professional practice education

  29. fun game!

    -Daycamp counselor
    -Sold credit card machines to small businesses (lasted 1 week)
    -Data entry/office person/marketing/assistant at a mortgage company (I have great credit because of this)
    -Loan processer at mortgage company
    -Business Analyst at consulting firm
    -Sales support/analytics for software co
    -Data/BI Analyst for travel co.

  30. Babysitter
    House painting (while they got a boy to babysit for less $$!)
    Dressing as a giant potato and promoting potatoes at festivals/fairs
    Survey taking/data entry for local fire hall
    Reading tent coordinator
    Ran fire safety house at festivals/fairs
    Circulation manager for student newspaper
    Science museum tour guide
    Circulation desk clerk at library
    Law school book store manager
    Summer law enforcement officer student
    Articling student at law firm
    Articling student at courthouse
    Cashier at bookstore
    Assistant manager at bookstore
    Manager at bookstore

  31. babysitting
    aid in child care program for posh resort
    cabin cleaner
    local grocery store-cashier/carry out and weekend supervisor for the video department, then assistant to general merchandise supervisor
    switchboard operator
    customer care for a local/long distance phone company
    assistant to customer service department for a local co-op which lead into sales/customer service for a wireless providor.
    Front desk for a resort in the middle of no where.
    Office manager for a cable/accounting/title company. (fun job, title is a joke as it was just me in the office as it was a satelite office)
    Office manager assistant at church..was scheduled to become office manager but board couldn’t get their act together in time and I was able to get back with my old co-op job.
    Back at the co-op as a receptionist, then sales and customer service for wireless(hate it) and at times a teller (love it).

  32. In the last eight years, I have done everything from valet parking cars, working as event staff for college hockey games, made hundreds of cappuccinos and lattes as a barista, stood behind the grill at a local sustainable cafe as a cook, worked as a computer analyst, and several more odds and ends in between. I agree, that one thing in this life that’s certain is that nothing is of absolute certainty. Now how do I go about planning a future savings when my next job could comes as something along the lines of a professional underwater basket weaver?

  33. i thought i couldn’t like you more and then you said you were an extra on vmars. that is so fantastic. that show is excellent and i still mourn its cancellation.

    party host at a laser tag/entertainment place
    future career: hopefully a teacher in a few years

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