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Vote for me or I’ll punch a baby

So I found out the other day that I had been nominated by my fellow bloggers for a 2009 Plutus Award in the category of “Most Humuours Personal Finance Blog”. That’s right suckers, at least a few of you think I am funny. You probably have a few questions like…

What are the Plutus Awards?

They are basically like the People’s Choice Awards for Personal Finance blogs. If I don’t win, that means you didn’t vote for me. And if you don’t vote for me, that means you are a dumb face.

Why Should I vote for you Ninja? There are way funnier PF blogs out there.

True, there are funnier blogs out there, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when you go to vote for Budgets Are Sexy, you accidentally vote fore me 🙂

Who is responsible for the Plutus Awards?

My man Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary is the the mastermind. He put it all together, so if you think it’s stupid, blame him, not me.

How do I vote?

Head on over here… find the category  “Most Humorous PF Blog”… vote for me… DON’T VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUYS… give yourself a pat on the back for being not-stupid!

I voted for you Ninja, now what should I do?

You should laugh because this picture is funny…


Oh and I guess I have to provide some type of financial advice real quick….

Don’t have kids…ever…those things are expensive.

Okay bye. See you tomorrow 🙂

p.s. GO VOTE!



  1. I was gonna vote for you but accidentally voted for Budgets Are Sexy…or was it the other way around. I guess we'll know once the final results are revealed.

    (throws head back. evil maniacal laugh.)

  2. Also you should do some more anti-baby posts. It makes me mad that more finance/environmental sites don't point out that not having kids is the single best thing you can do for your wallet and the planet.

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