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Vizsla Dogs — What Care is Needed?

Vizslas check off many boxes on a dog owner’s want list: a perfect tag-along pupper, a social personality, a hunter’s best companion, and an intelligent tracker!  The fun of Vizsla requires good care. The dog breed can be quite a handful. They need constant attention, loads of exercise, and a ton of love.

To make matters easy, we’ve jotted down a short guide on how to take care of a Vizsla dog. From food, grooming, and exercise to sleeping and seasonal care for your pooch — it’s all here!

Keep Your Energy Ball On Their Toes 

Vizslas naturally have a very high energy level. To keep up with it, you’ll need to plan (at least) two hours of exercise every day where you play a game of fetch with your pooch or simply let them run (ideally off leash). 

You could also nurture their keen sense of smell along with their love of water by taking them to the beach. In case you don’t have enough time during the day, try enrolling them for agility classes at Vizsla Club of America

Feed Your Vizsla a Balanced Diet

Vizslas need high-quality dog food to maintain their lean body as well as their athletic personality. According to the American Kennel Club, a Vizsla’s age always has the key role in defining a well-balanced diet.

While young Vizslas may need four bowls of food daily, senior Vizslas are fulfilled with one small feeding. Don’t forget to consult a vet for detailed info on the dietary needs of your pooch.

Groom Your Golden Fur Babies 

The most fun and easiest part of your Vizsla’s care routine? Grooming them! Because these Hungarian athletes are born without an undercoat and have short hair, they don’t need a lot of bath time. Simply run a soft-bristled brush down their golden rust coat, clip their nails, and do an ear check weekly. Bathe when they get muddy.

Supervise Your Vizsla’s Social Activities 

Did you know a Vizsla can run at a top speed of 40 mph? That’s faster than a coyote! 

These medium-sized athletic dogs also love company so you’ll see them running around a park, chasing people and children around. Although they are gentle-mannered, their bouncy nature can be risky outside. Make sure to supervise all activities especially if you have young kids around.

Practice Obedience Training On Your Vizsla

On top of exercise and a lot of playful times, it’s important to factor in obedience training so your Vizsla can understand your command and listen to you when needed. 

The best part? These social puppers adore all the attention they get so training them is a lot easier than one would expect.

Treat Your Pooch With Toys

Because it can seem impossible to spend an ideal time with your Vizsla, a good way is to treat your pooch with brain-stimulating puzzles, chew toys, and yummy delicacies. 

Not only will it strengthen your bond, but it’ll also keep them busy while you’re away and prevent separation anxiety.

Help Your Velcro Dog Sleep Well 

Here’s the thing — Vizslas are eager to spend any moment they get with their family members. While they’d love to snuggle next to you, the best approach is to place a cozy dog nest near your bed so they can sleep soundly — and so can you. 

Fun fact: They aren’t easily startled during the night.

Keep Your Vizsla’s Vet Up to Date 

Vizslas take great care of themselves. Most live up to 14 years! However, there are a few health problems a hunting dog is prone to, such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, and eye and ear problems. Check off all necessary vaccinations and schedule follow-ups at the vet every six months.

Seasonal Care for Your Vizsla is Needed

Where the absence of an undercoat makes grooming easy, it’s also why Vizsla’s get cold fast. Consider insulating the kennel inside and outside, adding a heated pad under their cushion, or simply placing your Vizla’s house near a heater. You could also get cute sweaters for them to try on! 

Don’t Forget to Tell Your Pet He’s a Good Boy!

Would you believe us if we told you Vizslas were almost extinct after World War II? It’s true!

Since their birth in the 10th century, these Hungarian pointers have always thrived on one thing: love. Positive reinforcement is their best friend — keep that up and you might be theirs too!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it hard to potty train a Vizsla puppy?

No, it isn’t hard to potty train a Vizsla puppy. The easiest way is to set a timer for 20 minutes and place them outside when the bell rings. Make sure to line their kennel with a washable sheet in case of accidents.

Are Vizslas scared of loud noises?

Yes, Vizslas (especially young and untrained ones) can jump at loud noises. Because they were originally bred to hunt, the Hungarian pups are inherently sensitive to sudden movements. This is why fireworks and gunshots can stimulate them to run off scared. Take caution and go slow when introducing them to loud-sound scenarios. 

Summing it Up 

When it comes to high-maintenance dogs like Vizslas, you reap what you sow. 

Give the golden boy a head rub often, spend time with it every chance you get, and enjoy unlimited snuggles in return! Vizslas love their families wholeheartedly and fiercely.



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