How a Vehicle Check Could Save You a Fortune

When shopping in the used car market, motorists will always be looking for ways to save money. This can be a dangerous game, as if you are not careful you could end up making a bad choice and drive away with an unsafe or even illegal car. This could end up costing you a huge sum in the long run, so it is always best to be patient and careful when shopping for used cars.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is with a vehicle history check from HPI. These cost just a small amount and could save you a fortune long-term, so they should always be used as part of your process when browsing for used cars.

Avoid Scams

One of the key ways that a vehicle check will save you money is that it will protect you from used car scams. If you were to buy a stolen car or one with outstanding finance, this could see the car taken away from you and your money gone forever. Scams like this can be hard to spot, but a history check will ensure that the car is legal, that there is no outstanding finance amongst other important factors.


The more that you know about the car’s history the better – how it performed in the past will determine how it performs in the future. These checks will reveal the MOT history – this includes the test date, recorded mileage, previous results, status, due date, refusal notes and advisory notes. All of this information will help to determine if the car has been looked after, if there are any recurring issues and whether or not it is roadworthy. If it is due an MOT, be sure to get the seller to get the vehicle tested before making the purchase as otherwise, you could find that you foot the bill for any costly repairs.

HPI finds that 1 in 3 cars that they check has some kind of hidden issue, so the value of these checks are clear. Without carrying out a thorough check, it is far too easy to purchase what seems like a fine automobile only for its past to quickly catch up with you and cost a fortune. Whether this is the fact that it has outstanding finance or simply a faulty clutch, this would be a nasty surprise and significantly impact your finances (and possibly leave you carless). The checks are quick, easy and affordable, so always carry them out before parting with any cash.