Validate me… NOW!!!!

I used to race BMX (bicycle motocross). I’m typically not one to say I’m really good at things. I’m an average tennis player, an alright blogger, and an okay student; but I was a freakin’ boss on the bike. I was so good I actually got a sponsorship and started traveling the state/country for competitions. Over the three-year span I raced, I had achieved some pretty significant accomplishments and accumulated more trophies than I knew what to do with.

While I may not be as competitive as I was back in the BMX days, I still find myself wanting validation for the things I’ve done. I had a particularly hard time transitioning from college to my career. In school, I was rewarded for studying hard with good grades. In sports, I was rewarded with trophies. Little did I know, once you walk across that stage things change.

Wanna know what I get rewarded with when I rock a case at work? You guessed it, another case. Where are my trophies, my high-fives, my “Good job, Ninja” notes at the top of my reports? Gone, baby gone. I really struggled with this new reality. I didn’t know if my boss loved or hated me. I didn’t know if I was over-performing or under-performing. I had no idea where I stood amongst my peers. It wasn’t until my mid-year review that my supervisor helped put me at ease. He said “Ninja, in this line of work no news is good news. If you hear from me it’s because you did something wrong.”

And I guess that’s what life is all about now, huh? Do you think Sallie Mae called me and congratulated me for paying off four years worth of loans in two? Heck to the no they didn’t. Goodbye warm fuzzy feelings, hello cruel world.

p.s. if you want to validate me and this silly little blog, take 2 seconds out of your day and vote for me for a People’s Choice award. It literally takes two clicks and you don’t have to input any personal information (name, email, etc). For every one of you that votes for me, I’ll donate $1 to my savings account 😉 

11 thoughts on “Validate me… NOW!!!!”

  1. I think a lot of people at my work have this issue, because they complain about feeling unappreciated. I thought about buying a box a cookies and every time they do something right I’ll say “You did your job! You get a cookie!”

    While it’s nice getting the occasional email from a supervisor or colleague that says “Great job on that project!” I feel appreciated when I get a paycheck. I’m not here out of the goodness of my heart.

    Also, I voted for you. You’re the only PF blogger I subscribe to anymore. You’re so frickin’ hilarious!

    • There is a line of managerial thought that holds that praise motivates employees more than money:

      “Don’t show ’em the money (even if you have it),” writes the author. “Here are nine better ways to boost morale.”

      I can only assume the author has never actually talked to any employees, or that he’s a manager who hasn’t seen his employees fuming when they just get a pat on the back and no increase in wages. This is the kind of attitude that leads to the fat cats getting ever fatter while the rank and file see no improvement in their conditions year after year.

  2. Don’t worry man, I voted for you, so I’m validating the awesomeness of your blog.

    It’s crazy you posted this because just last night I was on the phone with my sister who was going on and on about the same thing! She got good grades and did good in sports, and got awards for it, pats on the back, trophies, ribbons, scholarships, approving smiles…. and now, she says, when you get out of school, it’s like you drop to nothing. No one cares about nothing that you do — no good grades for a job well done, no ribbons for finishing the fastest, nothing. Welcome to the real world. I never did nothing good in highschool or before, so I never had to deal with losing the approval, but my sister is having a hard time, so uh, good luck with that, man!

  3. LOL I actually feel the same way. There are no A’s at my work, although I think bonuses usually tell you if you are over or under performing. Our next bonus (cough well my first bonus) is in March 2013. Still a ways to go, but can’t wait to see how much I get!

  4. Welcome to the world of being a stay-at-home-mom. My validation is a pile of poopy diapers at the end of the day…and that’s probably the only thing that can be measured of what I’ve “done” for the day!

    • YES YES YES! I work my ass off and at the end of the day it looks like I didn’t do anything at all. And then tomorrow I get to do it all over again. No one ever says thanks, just “is THIS what we are having for dinner?”

      My husband learned the hard way not to ask “so what did you do all day” when I tell him supper is running late and he needs to give the kids their baths. HA HA!

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