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Useful Strategies for Selling Used Equipment

You have used machinery and equipment at home or in your business and you either need to upgrade or get rid of it because you no longer need any of it. This is the dilemma that many people have because they have no idea where they can start. To sell your used machinery, all you need is some knowledge that can help you decide the best platform you can use. Used machinery can range from small equipment such as vacuum cleaners to the large machinery or vehicles used in industries and construction. The goodness about learning how to sell used machinery is that even if you want to upgrade, you will also know where you can get the products you need.

  1. How much is your machine or equipment worth?

You will need to look at your product and evaluate if it is in selling condition. This is how you will decide whether it can be sold for use or for scrap metal and parts. You will also need to find all the documents it came with because this helps one prove the authenticity of the products, proof of ownership and age of the equipment. After that, you will need to go into research mode to look at what the machine costs in the market at that particular time among other industry trends that would affect the price. If your equipment is an old model that is no longer in production, look for a similar product and compare the prices. After the research, you can come up with an appropriate price range that would be suitable for you and potential buyers.

  • Look into where you can sell your equipment or machine

The next step is to look into a selling method that will suit you. The selling methods will depend on factors such as the age and condition of your product, the kind of machine you have and how fast you want the product to sell. Age and condition will help you decide if it can still be used or you will need to sell to a person will disassemble it for parts. You can decide which of the two would bring in more money. The kind of machinery helps you decide on a platform with similar machinery. If you sell in a niche website or magazine, you are guaranteed good prices. If you want to get rid of the machine quickly, it would be wise to look into marketplaces that have a lot of traffic like used machinery B2B marketplaces, eBay, craigslist, amazon,etc. If you want to sell locally, you can buy ad space in local newspapers and magazines.

  • Find ways to attract buyers

You will have to find the right people to buy your products. You will have to pay for advertisements to target more customers either on traditional media such as newspapers, flyers, magazines or TV. There are also digital spaces that you can advertise such as social media sites, email marketing, blogs and so on. You can also put your machine in niche sites or B2B marketplaces where many buyers are looking for products like yours. You will have to know how to market yourself differently from your competition though. Ensure you have payment plans that protect both you and the seller in case you are dealing one on one with customers.

  • Offer as much information as possible to potential buyers.

Make sure you have all the documentsabout the machinery on hand in case you have to produce them. Take many good quality pictures so that potential buyers know what they are buying. In case there is something wrong with the machine, always disclose such information in your description.

  • Talk to a professional

If you are unsure of anything, you can always contact a professional in marketing or a person familiar with the equipment. A machinery expert will help you if the machine requires any repairs and based on their expertise, they can tell you the right price for the machinery. They are also more likely to know someone who needs a similar product. A marketing expert will help you get a buyer for your product faster. If all you want to do is sell your used machinery and don’t want to get involved in any of the processes, you can contact a used machinery broker who will do everything for you.

Selling your used machinery can make you some extra money and enable you to upgrade to another machine. Using the strategies provided above, you will find buyers,and you will know more about selling used machinery than you did before. One also understands how to purchase used machinery if they would like to do so.


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