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Underwear emergency fund, check!

Just about every personal finance blogger has wrote about the importance of an emergency fund. I lost my E-fund blogging virginity back in April, but I can’t help but revisit the issue…this time, with a twist 🙂

I’ll start with the Ninja definition of what exactly an E-fund is…
Emergency Fund: A dedicated saving plan to cover one’s a$$ when crap hits the fan.
Now that we all know what an E-fund is, let’s talk about the types of E-funds I strongly believe in.

Online Savings Account: I keep about 6 months of cash in my online savings account. I keep it there ’cause it earns better interest than my brick and mortar bank, but more importantly, because my cash is easily accessible. Let’s face it, bad stuff is gonna happen. Your car breaks down, you lose your job, your daughter may get eaten by a kangaroo, don’t worry though, your E-fund will definitely help lessen the blow. Try and keep at least three months of expenses on ya at all time.

Time Off: The inspiration for this post, came from my article yesterday about sick time. Although I still am not the biggest fan of dedicated sick leave, I know that it’s uber important to not expend all of your time off. My goal is to carry about two months of sick leave at all times. That way if I break my leg or have a family emergency, I can take time off without having to worry about the security of my position.

Gifts: If you’re a douche bag like me, you are gonna end up forgetting something significant. In my case, it was my three year anniversary with the girlfriend. It’s not a bad idea to pick up a couple extra “happy birthday” “thank you” or “I love you” cards next time you’re at the grocery store. Gift cards also serve as good universal presents. Now when you forget Uncle Bill’s 78th birthday, you can hook him up with a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card.

Socks/Underwear: I have this freakish obsession with stock piling boxer briefs and puma socks. I probably have enough underwear and socks to clothe a small country, like China 😉 I don’t want to find myself in a situation where I gotta wear my “fruit of the looms” for a second day because I’m fresh out of clean skibbies. Few things are more satisfying than putting on a clean pair of underwear!

There are a ton of other categories that I think could use an E-fund: food, toothpaste, make-up (women), beer (J. Money). What are some other areas of your life that you tend to stock up on? I bet ya’ll save up some pretty interesting things. Drop me a line if you got some fun little stories.



  1. 4 words. 50 pounds of pasta. I apparently have food issues I didn't even know about. (Actually, it just kept going for under $.50 and I forgot about how much I had)

  2. That's pretty incredible. I thought my underwear fascination was weird, but I definitely think 50lbs of pasta takes the cake as weirdest emergency fund.

  3. LMAO – just discovered your blog – I love anyone that can call themselves a douchebag! Adding you to my Reader.

  4. That is a helluva lot of pasta, Frugal Urbanite. I also have "food issues" and have a larger-than-average store of canned and dry goods. I also buy the toothpaste and soap I like in bulk since they're cheaper that way.

  5. OMG I love me some pasta. Please Ninja start buying your gift wrapping accessories at the dollar store. Cards too. Unless your dollar store sucks and its a really really special occasion.

  6. I definitely stockpile food, but I also buy recycled paper towels and toilet paper by the case so I think that counts too.

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