HomerandomUgh, how I've missed you delicious blogging folks!

Ugh, how I’ve missed you delicious blogging folks!

I’m finally back from my short little business trip. I have to admit I am quite pathetic. I can now say I know what it feels like to suffer from withdrawals. It was absolutely miserable having no internet access for five days, possibly even worse than a cocaine addict that hasn’t gotten a fix in a while. I was having night terrors and cold sweats because I was unable to check my sites stats and post up some PF advice. It is over though and come Monday morning I can make up for lost time and overdose on blogging. It’s good to be home…Did you miss me?!



  1. You have arrived safe and sound. Like the little drawing there, California looks like gumby without the eyes, it’s ok, my stick figures are using the word boy to make the face.
    I cannot imagine not having internet access for those days, addiction it must be!

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