Trying to make a dollar out of common sense

Like I mentioned in my earlier post this week. I earn a little extra dough each month by taking my math and science skills and providing my knowledge to stupid kids. Algebra and geometry have become commons sense to me. I feel pathetic, but I can actually explain why the quadratic formula works. I have taken my common sense and turned them in to dolla dolla billz. I think this is the second best type of income (first best being passive income cause who doesn’t want to make money by sitting on their budunkadunk all day).

I want to encourage all THREE of my readers…wait actually my stats were down to ZERO readers today…to see how they can turn their oridnary talents in to extra income. Are you good at soccer? Teach soccer lessons. Are you handy with the computer? Design webpages. Are you really good at eating McDonalds? Enter an eating contest? Haha that last one might be a stretch, but I hope you get the point. Get your booty out there and make some booty (pirate money that is)

Arrrrrr Matey,
D Ninja