Two Truths and a Lie

You ever played “Two truths and a lie”? It’s often used as an ice breaking tool at social gatherings and small group meetings. Since we are all a bunch of awkward people that hide behind our blogging personas, let’s break the mother effin ice and engage in some fun.

Here’s what’s going down. I’m about two post up three pieces of information about me. You the reader, have the task to guess which two statements are fact, and which one is fabricated. This ain’t no Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, so no phoning a friend, asking the audience, or stalking me on google. Let’s see how well you, my loyal reader, know me ๐Ÿ™‚ …

Which one is false…

A) I was arrested in Mexico for jaywalking.

B) I was on the television show Veronica Mars.

C) I’ve put a dead guy in a body bag.

Can you spot the lie? I realize anyone that doesn’t know me personally has no way of making even the slightest educated guess as to which of these is the outlier. So to make things a little more interesting I’ll post up three more financial “facts” that you can contemplate…

A) I change high-yield savings accounts regularly to ensure my dollar is always earning the highest interest.

B) I still wear jeans and shirts that I got in high school, cause I’m too stubborn to buy new clothes.

C) I only take my car to the dealership to get serviced, even though I know it’s overpriced.

Wow, thinking of three things, was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I tried to make them as interesting as possible, so I’m excited to see what you all guess.

In the comments below just let me know your guesses and I will post up the “lies” tomorrow (or maybe later today). Also, if you want to join in on the fun, leave your “two truths and a lie” below and we can all take guesses at them too. I bet some of you have done some wacky ‘ish.

p.s. If you have a blog, and liked this idea, feel free to steal it and post one up for your readers. And if you hated this idea, then I think you are a stupid-face.

31 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie”

  1. I am going to go with A on the first one and C on the second one. Neat idea, I may have to roll with it on my own site this week or next. I would hate to be considered a stupid-face by both you and my son.

  2. I think B for both. The first one I have no idea and you always guess B on a test, right? The second must be B because your stick figures are too well dressed, so that must be from your real life.

    My three:
    1. My only debt is $60k on the house.
    2. I could pay off the house out of our credit union savings account.
    3. I don’t have a retirement account.

    • Oh, Oh, I'm going with Number 2 is the lie. If you are like me you have enough in savings to pay off debt, but love the security of the savings more than my disdain for my student loan.

      • Number 2 is true. I could pay off the house. I don’t because I can’t convince my husband it would be a good thing to do.
        The lie is number 3. I do have a retirement account. It’s just really small because now I am an at home, homeschool Mom. But, my husband is still contributing to his and they both are really ours, not his and mine.

        Looking forward to hearing which of yours are the lies.

  3. Yours: B, A.

    The stupidest thing I've ever done on the road was to "help" a driver whose tire had come loose off its wheel. He was a drummer en route to play a gig in a club and didn't have a spare tire. So (this was before cell phones) instead of telling him to wait with his car and I'd try to find a pay phone for him, I loaded his drum set into my car and drove him to his club. I am still amazed that I was not found and cited by the police afterwards; the poor guy must have been in a heap of trouble.

    While on business in Helsinki, Finland, 30 minutes before being scheduled to give a talk before 50 clients, the seam on my pants ripped. I had just enough time to get to my hotel and change before it was time for me to start.

    Having been hit in the rear by another driver, I am terrified of making left turns. I will go out of my way to make multiple right turns or turn left only if there is an arrow.

    (Any guesses?)

  4. I'm gonna go with jaywalking in Mexico and rate-chasing on your savings account. ING certainly doesn't have the highest interest rate and you haven't notified your readers that you've changed. The last time that you told us who you were with, it was December. I can't imagine that you've switched since then or not found it worth mentioning.

  5. First one – B is a lie – I am going with you weren't on Veronica Mars. My reasoning – I have been to Mexico and you can get "arrested" for ANYTHING and then subsequently get out of it depending how much is in your wallet. So, my guess is you were down there partying and you crossed/stumbled across the street (but I may be projecting). If you were an actor on Mars then you wouldn't have an anonymous blog you would put up a glossy headshot instead of a bad ass stick figure. The dead body thing is kind of weird and seems like it was thrown in there to make people guess that when it is in fact true

    Second one – A is the lie because the same person who goes with B is unlikely to change their savings accounts often, and that sounds more realistic. C, again seems like something that is thrown in there to mess with people, and I don't know what kind of car you have…you may love it

    I hope I don't look like an ass because I put my though process into it

  6. I vote A for both! Reasoning: I’ve jaywalked in Mexico and haven’t been caught. (But maybe I’m just lucky?) And I know that Veronica Mars filmed an episode in SD…because I saw them film it! (World Famous Body Shop, lol!) Annnd rate-chasing is useless unless you have $100K+ in savings. I don’t think you’re quite there yet per your networth #s…but give it a year or two! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I'll go for C and B – because relatively speaking they're the most believable. How's that for screwy logic?

    And mine are….
    1. I cancelled car insurance for 7 months between inspections to save money.
    2. I have open bank accounts on 3 continents.
    3. I bought $7K worth of .02 stock and sold most of it 2 months later for .11

  8. I'm going to go with (A) for the first one and (C) for the second one. I really hope you don't take your car to the dealership for servicing!!

    1. The guy who wrote Saturday Night Fever used to come to my house.
    2. I was a competitor in the equestrian Olympic trials.
    3. I came thisclose to dying of alcohol poisoning.

  9. Sorry! I don't know you well enough to guess any.

    My three:
    1. I saw Stewart Payne win the US Open in Pinehurst.
    2. Vijay Singh tossed me a golf ball at the Master's.
    3. My Unit is just one member short of winning a Pink Cadillac.

  10. Good guess man. LOL I tried to pick three things most people wouldn't normally see as possible, but when you really think about it there can only be one logical answer, and you guessed it. (We definitely will not be taking on any more debt so 100% cash down baby is where it's at, and I am paying my way through college using cash.)

    We have a STUPID, DUMB, IDIOTIC interest-only mortgage and I wish I could PUNCH IT IN THE FACE! Something we did before we started taking PF seriously. LOL One of those things you wish you could redo! haha!

  11. Punch Debt – I think B, and A are lies.

    1. The next house I buy, will be paid for 100% with cash.
    2. I'm attending college completely debt free.
    3. I love interest-only mortgages.

    Great idea man! Keep up the good work. I have really enjoyed reading your posts lately! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well I would be led to believe it's either 1 or 3 since they are complete opposites. I don't know why you would pay 100% cash if you liked interest only mortgages…unless you are trying to play ninja mind games with me. I guess option 3 is the lie, simply because you are an enemy of debt ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. HAHA! Are you going to tell us what the lies were?!?! Man the last time I played this was at a baby shower, and someone had to steal the spotlight from the baby shower-ee and their lie was something like "i lost 10 pounds.. no, I REALLY LOST 15!" lol. I may have to post my own 2 truths and a lie on my blog but I have to think of something good.

  13. This is fun. Here are three more from me:

    As a high school senior, I was treasurer of the band (I played trombone). We had collected about $500 for the band's uniform fund and I had just gotten my driver's license. I put the cash box on the roof of my car before starting out to the bank and foolishly forgot I had left it there when I took off. Result: box opened, cash all over the road, band members mad at me, had to make it all up from my own savings.

  14. (I had to do this in 2 posts.)

    Where were you at about 8:00 am eastern time, 9/11/01? I had just arrived at the airport in Rome, Italy, and since 9/11 is my birthday, the customs officer wished me happy birthday and took the train into the city. By 9 am, got a cab to my hotel and the driver started shouting in rapid-fire Italian about something or other, and he kept holding two fingers in the air and folding them down. It wasn't until I checked in and turned on CNN that I realized what had happened. It was a very strange feeling being away from home (I'm from NY and had been in the WTC area just that past Saturday), but the Italians could not have been nicer at that time.

    I had ambitions to become a composer when I was younger and was accepted at a well-known conservatory to major in composition. Though I eventually didn't follow through on this, I still do creative things solely for my own pleasure, and among other things I have composed a full-length opera and written two plays.

  15. I'll say that you don't regularly change savings accounts… if you're like me, you want your money to be easy.

    Also – brilliant ideas recently. This and the postsecret idea were smashing.

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