Tomorrow I blog, today I post stupid video

Good news. I took your advice and spoke with Sister Ninja (who is a computer genius) and she walked me through how to restore my busted Macbook. It turns out my 80GB Hard Drive crapped out. Fifty dollars later, I’m up and kicking with a 250GB new hard drive (self-installed).

Saved myself a crap load of money by not panicking and buying a mac mini. Thank you all. Only problem is the wife is going to bed, and I ain’t about to make her sleep by herself 🙂

Tomorrow I SWEAR I WILL BE BACK IN FULL FORCE, with wedding pictures, stick figures, and all my PDITF shennanigans.

I’m hoping this hilarious news interview will hold you over 🙂

see you tomorrow peeps!!!

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow I blog, today I post stupid video”

  1. Hah should have read through all of my feeds before commenting ;p

    Good work taking the sensible cool-headed option. How old is your MacBook? Check it at and if it’s still in warranty you can pop that old drive back in and get it replaced for free!

  2. Where did you buy your new 250G hard drive? My Macbook Pro has pretty much run out of space and I would be happy to spend $50 to more than double the gigs on my hard drive.

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