I’ll punch a baby if you don’t vote for me

It’s that time again. Time for the 2011 Plutus Award and this year it looks like I’ve been nominated in the categories of “Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog” and “Best Debt Blog”. Don’t know why some of you people think I’m worthy of either of these awards, but hey, I ain’t complaining. If you aren’t familiar with the Plutus Awards take a look at this Q&A I made up…

What are the Plutus Awards?

They are basically like the People’s Choice Awards for Personal Finance blogs. If I don’t win my categories, that means you didn’t vote for me. And if you don’t vote for me, that means you probably worship satan are lame.

Why Should I vote for you Ninja?

You probably shouldn’t. I mean, J. Money is nominated for like eleventy billion awards so you should probably vote for him. He’s freakin’ killin’ it this year and is worthy of each nomination. But, on the off chance you feel like voting for the underdog, I will gladly be your guy.

Who is responsible for the Plutus Awards?

My man Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary is the the mastermind. He runs the show and puts a lot of time in to it. The least you could do is vote………..for me 🙂

How do I vote?

Head on over here and start clicking away. You don’t have to vote for every category if you don’t want to, but I sure would appreciate some love in the Most Humorous and Best Debt Blog categories. Takes two minutes of your time and makes me one happy camper.

I voted for you Ninja, now what should I do?

You should probably take the rest of the week off work ’cause you are clearly AWESOME!


I guess I have to provide some type of financial advice real quick….

Get married. Dual income is the second greatest thing ever. Carrot Top is the first greatest thing…

Okay bye. See you tomorrow 🙂

p.s. I’ll be in San Antonio, TX for the next 48 hours. Never been there, hoping it doesn’t suck.


23 thoughts on “I’ll punch a baby if you don’t vote for me”

  1. With dual income comes dual spending. Dual savings is the second greatest thing ever. Hot running water is the first greatest thing…

  2. Of course I’ll vote for you. Btw, your CarrotTop image is broken (on my browser at least) and San Antonio is near all the wildfires!!!! Be careful!

  3. San Antonio = River Walk, Tower of America (a lame version of Seattle’s Space Needle) and the Alamo. I spent 4 years there for college, I does kinda suck, but you can withstand 48 hours of suckage.

      • It’s not that bad. 🙂 I grew up just north of there. Austin is way cooler, but the architecture in downtown SA is awesome. The Alamo is smaller than you’d think. And of COURSE you can get some awesome food, but it’s Tex Mex…not Mexican. 😉

  4. You’re just being nice to me cuz I’m about to pop into Real Life 😉 But for what it’s worth, I nominated you for like 6 categories! Even the ones w/ myself in ’em, haha..

    Remember 2 years ago when you made that rap song for me?? Crazy how life’s changed since. Mad proud of you, sir – always and forever (why am I getting so mushy over here? let’s try that again: “Congrats on all your success. Big fan” there we go.)

    See you in Dallas Cowboys land, *shiver*

  5. Love San Antonio! I don’t know why you’re going, but you should spend some time on the Riverwalk (great restaurants/bars) and definitely go to Mi Tierra for breakfast. I’ll go vote for you now.

  6. Congrats!! I also nominated you for several categories, dear sir. Please consider a vote for me for Best New PF blog … I launched in March and, well, 6 months later here we are! Congrats as always on the nomination — I totally respect people who can write humorously.

  7. Representing from San Antonio – small town feel for a big city, but Riverwalk is nice (more so at night). It’s hot. We haven’t had rain in a LONG time AND we’ve got all these sporadic wildfires to deal with this past week. One going on only a few miles from USAA. Just FYI. Definitely get yourself some Mexican food – specifically breakfast tacos. Mi Tierra’s is good. Stay away from the chain restaurants off the Riverwalk. Eat local! and ENJOY 🙂

    • p.s. {lowers voice} I’m not sure what the other states are teaching you guys, but The Alamo is never as big as anyone expects it to be. There. I feel better getting that off my chest.

  8. Just read this and I think your 48 hours might be coming quickly to an end. But SA is my hometown and THE BEST. Just moved back after 8 years in DC. Good food, friendly people, light traffic and CHEAP :). If you have a chance for a burger hit up Chris Madrid’s.

  9. I am relatively new to following your blog and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I voted for you! Honestly though, I didn’t know some of the other blogs in the other categories, so hopefully I didn’t skew things too much by my random selection.

  10. “I will punch a baby if you don’t vote for me.” Blackmail? hahaha

    Anyway, congratulations on your nomination! I love babies. They are so cute and adorable. I don’t want to see them with black eyes or anything, so count my vote in. I hope you win.

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