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That time I did a video interview

Just came across this gem. It’s an interview I did at FinCon, the financial bloggers conference, in Denver last September. If you want to know what I sound like go ahead and give it a watch 😉


p.s. I didn’t realize how annoyingly I chew my gum. My apologies.



  1. Nice interview, surprising perspective with you giving props to J$. I enjoy your blog and J$’s blog tremendously, although I feel J$’s blog is getting too big like J.D. Roth’s did. Keep your blog personal, it is what makes it special.

  2. Neat-o. Despite your “Archive” warning, I started working my way through your archives and it’s giving me a lot extra to think about. And laugh about. I can’t kick Sallie in the nuts since I didn’t consolidate my student loans and I feel kinda bad about kicking Uncle Sam in the nuts, so let’s just say reading those posts made me extra excited to repay Uncle Sam with some interest next month – and get to a point when I can start kicking assets in the savings realm too.

  3. I meant to tell you about the gum when we met for dinner in DC last fall, but I was too polite. Besides I didn’t see you chewing any.

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