Thursday Poll: Mini-Poll Marathon!!!!

Instead of one main poll today, I thought we would mix things up and go through a bunch of mini-polls. No better way to find out if we are weird than to see how our preferences compare to the masses. Let’s do this….

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26 thoughts on “Thursday Poll: Mini-Poll Marathon!!!!”

  1. I don’t have a credit card, but you didn’t give the option of zero so I don’t know what other people said 🙁

    • Stephanie and Amanda,

      How hard is it to live without a credit card?

      I buy my vehicle license online using the credit card so I don’t have to line up at the ministry and they mail my license sticker to me so I avoid paying for parking too. I put pay and submit medical expenses on the credit card and I get my money back before the bill is due.

      Not to mention the points. My food bill for the Christmas holidays will be covered by my PC MasterCard points. 1% cash back on my Visa will fill my gas tank in the spring. 2% AMEX Costco rewards could be enough to buy a years supply of toilet paper for my family this year.

  2. A few things; I dont have ANY credit cards (or credit). I started reading this site when I was 27 (turned 30 a few months ago) and I Hate Car Loans!!!!

    BTW, I love the mini-polls.

  3. Love the mini-polls! Love both pooches and kitties…. you need a “both” for that poll… but since I had to choose, I chose kitties 😉

  4. Loved the mini-poll! I agree with Mo D. I love both dogs and cats as well!!!

    I also love your blog!

    Your blog is motivational and inspirational. I have been a reader for six months now.

    I have to share with you all to celebrate, I just pay off my first two DEBTs of $1850.00 in six months!!!!

    Yes have about 13,000 to go but my goal is 22 months I will be credit card, student loan, and medical bill debt FREE!!! 🙂

  5. For almost every answer I had a “but I want to explain…” reaction:
    – prefer dogs but have been adopted by a dang charming cat
    – put down 10% but found a mortgage w/o PMI
    – have multiple credit cards because I’m a mileage churner
    – I’ve had one car loan (for 6k) in 15 years of owning 2 different cars, and would definitely buy used/pay cash if I had to buy another. But there is a place for car loans, like when I bought my current car, was in grad school, and needed to keep cash in the bank.

  6. Eggs – poached if I am eating out – I can’t cook them well! At home soft boiled or scrambled.
    Dogs, but would prefer not to be an owner. We have a cat, but it’s my husband, so why does she like sitting on my lap!!!
    I put down 10%, but I only bought a small one BR flat in 1995 so the loan wasn’t outrageous – certainly not by today’s standards
    0 Credit cards, BUT I have a debit card the i can use like a credit card so I have all the benefits of being able to buy on the internet, and hire cars. That’s how you do it Jane Savers!
    I bout a car when I was 19, had a car loan. But I moved to a city when I was 21, and haven’t had a car since. Yay bikes, walking, public transport, taxis, lifts from friends and hire cars. All those options seem to cover most things. Not an option for everybody I know, but if it is possible the car free life is a dream. I would prefer to pay cash for a car. I have since married and moved to the outer suburbs with my husband and he had a car. So technically I don’t have a car, but I do. If that answers that question.
    This is one of the few blogs, if the only blog I read.
    I’m 47.

  7. It was my first time participating in a blog mini-poll. 🙂 Loved the randomness of the questions. I used to like eggs, but in the past couple of years, I’ve developed a slight aversion to them.

    I prefer cats, but I’m actually allergic to them. 🙁

  8. Solely because this is the internet (an essential race to find out who can be the most technically correct), I believe sunny side up and over easy eggs are the same preparation.

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