Are you a Thousand Dollar Baller?

There’s a lot of hype around millionaires. If you read Budgets Are Sexy (which I recommend you do) you’ll see J. Money has a club, “The Million Dollar Club” that is. It’s a club I’m sure many of us hope to one day join. Ya know what though? I gotta keep it real and come to terms that I wont be a member of that club for a few decades. Sure. one day I’ll be in the Million Dollar Club, but until that day comes, I’m perfectly content serving as Senior Assistant Junior Associate Vice President of the “Thousand Dollar Baller Club”.

That’s right suckas, you ain’t need no proper grammar, flashy cars, or 5+ bedroom crib to join this club. In fact, a Ford Fiesta, one bedroom apartment in the quasi-ghetto, and a hint of frugality is all you need to be a member. Sure the millionaire clubs may be more snobby elite, but the Thousand Dollar Baller Club is nothing to be ashamed of.

According to most recent survey, 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That means 61% of Americans would be royally screwed if they lost their jobs. You definitely want to be a member of the thousand-aire club, because that means you can survive (at least for a short period of time) with no income. The ramifications of having no savings is shown in this highly scientific formula I worked up…

So, not only does being a member of the highly exclusive “Thousand Dollar Baller Club” make you one of the coolest people in the world, but it also gives you some stability. Can I get a booya for stability?

Too often we get so caught up in the future, that we forget to find hapiness in our current situation. Well not anymore kiddos, I am proud to be the first member of The Thousand Dollar Baller Club. Are ya like me, and get so focused on making that first million, that you forget to appreciate the fact that you are a thousand-aire? How long have you been a member of this “not-so-elite” club? If you’re stoked to have over $999 in the bank, drop me a line in the comment section below ’cause I want to hear you say “I love being a thousand-aire!”

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30 thoughts on “Are you a Thousand Dollar Baller?”

  1. Thanks to my tax refund coming in today, I have $942 in my checking account. That's close enough, right?

    There's certainly nothing wrong with being a thousand dollar baller. I think most of us would have to be 20-something crotchety misers to make it in to the million dollar club anytime soon. And once you're there, yipee! Now I can spend some money… oh wait, now I'm not a millionaire anymore. Damn.

  2. It's pretty standard to recommend having 3-6 months of expenses in liquid savings for emergencies. Some popular finance gurus (read Suze Orman, whose advice is usually not IMO worth the whitener she applies to her teeth) advise having at least 8 months. As even with unemployment insurance you're likely to need some savings to fill the gap in case of job loss, I think $1000 may be too low, unless of course you live rent-free and don't need to eat.

  3. I too am a proud member of this club. 🙂

    To Larry-obviously, one thousand dollars is just a start, but if you can save that much, you can save two thousand, and so on…

    • Understood. But I wouldn't want to suggest that $1000 is more than a bare minimum, beyond which people can continue to spend as freely as they like. On the other hand, I belive it *is* possible to having more in low-interest liquid savings than is optimal, but that's another story altogether.

  4. Sweet! I'll join. Send me the badge! We have 3 months in our e-fund. Unemployement insurance here maxes out at $900/month so you're pretty much on your own during unemployment.

  5. haha, do your thing homeboy. but you might want to check out the members of our "elite" club as we're nowhere close to rockin' the millions 😉 In fact, our latest member is in the negatives! haha… it's more about rockin' your finances and coming up with a nice little game plan to work on – not actually saying you're a millionaire.

    You better believe I'm proud of my thousands, but a man's gotta have some goals baby!

    • I definitely checked out the Million Dollar club and I too am a hopeful millionaire. I guess reading back through my post it may sound like I was saying your club was for millionaires, even though it's not. That's my fault on the miscommunication. Rock hard my man, rock hard!

  6. I am sooo in trying to keep that thousand threshold in the efund…

    questions do ever find it hard to spend your efund money on an actual emergency! Dude I have to get a new motor for my windshield wipers and its going to cost 350USD I am not happy about spending themoney! I actually feel guilty…just a random thought

    • I think it's pretty common actually. At least I hope it is :). I just had to pay taxes and used my EF for it (but didn't overwithhold during the year either, drives me apes**t). I didn't want to, but that's what it's there for! That's when you're glad that you can afford to pay for it with your EF rather than have to use your CC or go without. Eventually you'll get over it.

  7. Savings currently has $1001.26 in it! I'm taking the Dave Ramsay plan of paying down our (ridiculously large amount of) debt, so I'm proud to have that in there now so I can breathe a bit and cover any emergencies that come up.

    Love your writing. This one is going in my weekly round up post on Saturday. =)

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