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The Best Way to Make Insane Savings Online

It’s no secret that the online world is one where immense savings can be made over traditional purchasing and renting methods. What is less known is just how far above the pack many of the more pronounced of these opportunities can reach. The world of online savings is not an even one, with some industries standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Taking this into account, we’ve spent some time researching the different corners of the internet, to track down exactly where the biggest savings can be found and how our readers can take advantage of them.

Travel and Accommodation

Travel is one of the best things a person can do to both relax and expand their mind. It is also a process that can be extremely stressful and financially painful. Luckily for us, the age of the internet has made some enormous changes in opening the doors to travel and accommodation both.

In terms of travel, many of us got used to growing up in the age of travel agencies. Now, don’t get us wrong, in terms of planning out a complex, well-guided, and well-funded holiday these can be great. They can also, however, be a lot more expensive than the alternative.

In our experience, the best way to plan out air travel comes from the simple flight tools from Google. Rather than working from just one or two airlines, the Google tool collects information from dozens of applicable businesses, finding the cheapest possible route over distances long and small. We’re especially fond of the date graph tool, which quickly points out how a difference of just a few days can save hundreds.

Similarly, deciding where to stay is also a traditionally stressful and potentially expensive pursuit. With modern travel brands like Airbnb and, much of this stress is now a thing of the past. With inbuilt rating systems and simple booking tools, these can give a much better and cheaper experience than just traditional hotels, and often at a fraction of the price. They can also offer a much more authentic experience if that is what you’re after.

The World of Entertainment

The other side of the enormous savings coin can be found with digital entertainment. A large portion of these benefits have become possible because of the lower cost of data when compared to physically stored entertainment. A lot more work goes into making, printing, and shipping a DVD over transferring a simple digital file, for example.

The same bonuses extend to traditional video games, and film and television series. Rather than buying physical goods, deals on the digital can easily save tens of dollars per purchase, and much more in the long term.

As much as we like to stick to what we know, we have to at some point understand that the developing online world can be our best friend for finding savings. Every little bit saved goes to something more important, like punching debt in the face. Don’t underestimate these options; give them a try, and you’ll be winding up a haymaker in no time.


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