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The Art of Saving Money by Making Delicious Drinks at Home

If you can afford to buy drinks daily, then you have money. Saving requires money. There are newly developed electronics devices that can assist in making drinks like cocktails at a low cost. All you have to do is commit yourself to make the drinks at home to save money. Here is a recipe for a breakfast drink that you can try.

Kale Smoothie Recipe

Why do you need a homemade nutritious drink such as a Kale Smoothie? Kale is rich in minerals such as iron, vitamin C, and K, calcium, and many more. Check out how you can prepare a Kale Smoothie at home.


1. Sliced Kale: Make sure to get one cup of raw kale that is fresh. The uncooked kale is healthy and rich in vitamins.

2. Fresh Pineapple: This will help tame the raw flavor of kale, making it edible and tasty. Additionally, pineapples are good antioxidants; alternatively, you can use mango that has the same effect on kale smoothie.

3. A Fresh Banana: The fruit will help tame the kale because it is rich in fiber and healthy nutrients. It will also act as an antioxidant. The additional advantage of banana is that they will smoothen the kale nature to a creamy, thick look and add up the juice’s naturally sweet taste.

4. Honey: You can opt to use honey instead of sugar if you want everything to be natural. It also has antioxidants that can assist in digestion and smoothen your throat.

5. Peanut Butter or Almond Milk: The fat present in peanut butter and milk will boost the smoothing of the kale juice. Alternatively, you can use yogurt. 

The Procedure For Preparing a Kale Smoothie

Now you have your ingredients what next? All blending processes require a fully functioning blender to reach the satisfying state of a juice drink. Follow these steps to get your kale smoothie juice ready.

Step 1: Take all of your ingredients into the powered blender and close the lid.

Step 2: Look for the power button of your blender and press it to blend all your ingredients into a smoothie looking blend.

Step 3: It will only take about three minutes to get your drink. What next? Take a cup or a glass and serve your naturally homemade Kale Smoothie.

Reading the requirements and preparation procedure seems to take all day, but once you get the concept of making drinks at home, it becomes an economical approach. Buying ingredients are cheaper and they will make more Kale Smoothies than buying a single glass at the juice bar. The quantity of the blended juice will depend on the number of people at home, but one thing for sure is that a single blended home mixed juice is worth tens of drinks in a juice bar in your neighborhood. The cocktails you make at home are economical and delicious for your family.


A lot of people consume coffee daily. Some opt to buy while others tend to make the famous drink at home. Making coffee at home is simple and can save a lot of money, especially if you have a family. Buying a cup of coffee is a waste of time and resources. Make work easier by purchasing a coffee maker that is cheap and sustainable. 

Energy Saving At Home

Many people depend on the expensive fossil electricity to run their electronics, but do you think there is a way you can cut the cost of power? The use of so-called green energy or sustainable energy is one of the best ways to save or overcome the monthly electricity bills. The approach to achieving the saving criteria of energy-saving is simple. The secret is to make use of solar or wind energy, which is renewable and eco-friendly.

All you need is a team of specialized technicians to carry out the installation process. The solar energy will require only the first investment of installation, and then afterward, you enjoy bill-free power. The high electricity bills will interpret to zero cents when you migrate to sustainable energy.

Now You Have a Few Dollars Spared What Next?

Remember for saving to be applicable; your expenditure must be less than the income. At this point, you have a few dollars secured from both the drinks expenses and the power expenditure. The next step is simple, save the extra coins that will enable you to draft a budget that is accomplishable by the little money you have. Quantity is not the issue in planning; the problem is the spirit of saving and your goal.

Change Eating Habit, Save Money

Spending smarter means you care about your unpredicted future. In our day’s food and drinks are not consumed anyhow, you eat to satisfy your hunger and drink to quench your thirst

Make the best out of the little you have by saving and aiming for something bigger to achieve. The little thing that you do is what makes you an exceptional being in society. Saving does not mean you stop enjoying your life. All it means is to try to be responsible for your spending. Make use of the blenders and coffee makers to cut-off the cost of buying drinks.


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