The Alamo

This is the reason there is no blog post.


The Alamo. Incredible and overrated all at the same time.

Have you seen any monuments or structures that just kind of made you go “Meh, it’s alright.”?

Sorry no real post but I had a late late night with a bunch of awesome personal finance bloggers and didn’t have time to pump something out. See you Monday.

16 thoughts on “The Alamo”

  1. Welcome to San Antonio! Everytime someone comes to visit and I take them to the Alamo, they always say ‘I thought it would be bigger’ and ‘It’s right in the middle of town??’. Too many John Wayne movies, I guess! But once you go inside the Alamo and recognize just how old it is and what happened there, it becomes a lot cooler!

  2. After what seemed like traversing through a maze, my friends and I got to see the Mona Lisa (yes, “the” Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Louvre in Paris, France). Definitely a “meh…that’s it?” moment.

    Have fun and be safe in San Antonio!

  3. SKG i agree the Mona Lisa is so blah, and if you turn 180 degrees there is a massive painting about 20 ft tall by 40 feet long of an epic war battle scene

    Also a blah, Stone henge in Britan, its a bunch of stones

    the tower of london on the other hand, awesome

    agree alamo is also a blah but still kinda cool

  4. When I was very young we went to San Antonio for two reasons: The Alamo and Fiesta Texas (the Six Flags in SA). I was only interested in the theme park, and literally cried my eyes out because I was being forced to waste time at the Alamo that could be spent at Fiesta Texas.

    When I actually got there and actually looked around, I decided it wasn’t that bad.

  5. When I was 12 I went to the Grand Canyon. After about two minutes I said, “Cool hole in the ground, can we go now?”

    Also, agreed about the Mona Lisa; the painting opposite it was significantly more magnificent (although, not being an artist, I’m sure there are specific artistic reasons the Mona Lisa gets the PR that it does – I’m just not aware enough to appreciate them).

  6. That was also when I went to the Grand Canyon! only we took a mule trip all the way down to the bottom and then ate a crappy box lunch they supplied. The mules were, let’s say, not housebroken either. And then we rode all the way back to the top. I was one sore boy that night.

    As for the ML, you don’t actually get to see the ML; you just see the crowds seeing the ML. Actually, I found the Louvre on the whole much less interesting than the Musée d’Orsay. Agree also about Stonehenge and the Tower of London. Things that were pretty great in my travels include the Alhambra in Granada and the Panama Canal.

  7. The Alamo fits San Antonio…small but interesting. That being said, I’ve only been once when I was 10.

    The Musee D’orsay is amazing and under appreciated. I still loved the Louvre though. It surpassed all my expectations and My favorite part was going down into the sub-basement to see the bases of the original towers from when it was a fort.

  8. I was pretty underwhelmed by the Alamo, as well. And the Mona Lisa, though I’ve always been underwhelmed by the ML. It just wasn’t any better in person.

    Versailles wasn’t all I expected either, though the Hall of Mirrors was pretty cool. And the grounds were great!

    Glad you didn’t go Ozzy Osbourne on the Alamo.

  9. I was pretty meh about the coliseum and big ben, both smaller than I thought and a lot of very famous paintings aren’t all that exciting in person either.

  10. Not gonna lie, I’m sentimental, and I love my old, historic monuments. Count me in for any old building, castle, or museum. But, that being said … I agree with the above comment on the Mona Lisa. There’s no reason to wait an hour to see a postage-stamp of a painted-on-wood of a random lady when there’s much better and more breath-taking pictures around that museum. And the many smaller galleries around the city of light have a much fresher, more interesting selection to them anyway.

    Never over-rated? The British Museum. Not ashamed to say I’ve been 4 times. And I want to go back and see everything (as if that’s possible!) again.

  11. I was fortunate to be able to go to New York City for the first time a couple of years ago, and the one thing that was really under-whelming was Rockefeller Center. On TV it looks rather large and impressive, but in seeing it for real it looked kinda small.

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