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Thanks (for nothing) Upromise!

Looks like this debt puncher is going back to college. That’s right, I’m gonna get me a PhDizzle and I owe it all to Upromise. I signed up with them after I graduated college, about two years ago. I have my account linked to my credit card, which I use for EVERY purchase I make (I would pay my rent on my credit card if I could). I got an email from Mr. Upromise today with my current statement. Here it is….

Thats right suckas, I’m rich! I got a whopping $0.84 to use towards further education if I so choose. I broke it down and crunched some numbers. If I went to my alma mater and got my masters degree, this 84¢ would pay for exactly 0.003% of that degree. It’s pretty close to a full ride. Seriously Upromise? You can keep your 84 cents if you promise to stop emailing me!

* p.s. if you look at the date of my last visit to Upromise, you can tell I check my balance religiously  🙂 *



  1. You’re an idiot. Clearly you signed up and haven’t done anything. In the past two years I’ve eanred over $1,000 and have a total of over $5,000 in my account. When was the last time you shopped online and went through Upromise? When was the last time you dined out and looked for one of Upromise’s restaurants. You can’t blame Upromise if you aren’t using the service the way it was intended.

  2. How much did you have to spend to earn that $1,000 dude? My guess is a pretty penny. Any program that requires changing normal spending habits to see a profit, is bad news in my books.

  3. Yea I tried UPromise too. It looks pretty good but for some reason the qualified purchases I made through them registered no cash back. I had planned to look into the matter further but lost interest 😉

    To me it doesnt seem like the process is as smooth as they want you to think, and I agree with Ninja here that changing your spending habits to adapt to the program is a bad move, the program should be flexible enough to adapt to your spending habits to gain widespread use.”

  4. 84 cents after two years? Something is wrong there! Not with you, with the program. Good thing you weren’t counting on that dough, lol.

  5. Dolly- It’s GREAT to see you again! I’m sure if I really worked the program I could have made maybe $3…haha. Some things are just to good to be true.

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