HometaxesI haven't done my taxes yet.

I haven’t done my taxes yet.

[Insert really boring blog post about taxes here.]

Have you filed yours yet?





  1. I got a new job in late 2011 that paid very well so I was a little nervous about doing my taxes but I put enough into my RRSP and I actually got a refund. I have this rule about my taxes. I am always think that I forgot to carry the 1 or something silly and the refund is a mistake. So the money goes into the bank. Well most of it. I round off the deposit. For example if I got a refund of $432,98, $400 would go into the bank and I would spend the $32.98 on whatever I want! This year, I got to spend $12.95 on myself. I bought a dispenser that puts lotion on my back (the last one broke but it was from the freecycle so it was free) and a small chocolate dipped cone from DQ, Money well spent!

  2. In Canada, tax deadline is Apr. 30; as soon as Hubby and I get our RRSP contribution statements for the first 60 days of 2013 from our employers and bank, we’re good to file (typically right at the end of March). We normally get in the vacinity of a $900 refund between the 2 of us; into the Emergency Fund it goes!

  3. Ugh! I hate tax day. I will owe once again… so not only I have NOT filed, I haven’t sat down to figure out how much we are giving the government. Will do that this weekend….

    • Let me fix that for you……

      “I haven’t sat down to figure out how much the government is taking from me (by threat of imprisonment).”

  4. I have finished our taxes, but not filed yet. We will owe again this year so we are waiting to file until the last minute. Really need to sit down and adjust what’s taken out so that we won’t owe again next year. It’ll be worse next year, too, since my younger child turned 18 last year. No more claiming him as a deduction.

    • Yes, I know that, thanks. He now lives on his own, has a full time job. He supports himself – so I have no claim.

      • That never stopped my mom. She claimed me all through my undergrad despite the fact that I didn’t live in her house and the only thing she paid for was my car insurance so that she could hold onto the multi-car discount.

  5. We filed ours the first day we could. Seriously. We needed that refund ASAP as we had massive med bills last year with our middle child and wiped out our entire emergency savings. We did get to deduct our medical bills and travel this year, at least.

  6. Canadian here – also filed as soon we got our T-slips – They were in on April 28th and we had our refund last week!

    • Another Canadian here, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t two months ahead of the states (I bet you meant February 28th? LOL

      I sent mine off last week, I love tax season because I always a HUGE refund (like 5 grand last year and expect the same this year)….I know people will jump on that and say “Oh, you should adjust your income tax deducted…it’s like your giving the government an interest free loan”, but honestly, if I had the extra 200 – 300 each month, I would end up spending it and not even know where it went. This way I can pay off my property tax in cash too!

  7. I know how much I’m supposed to pay in taxes. I just haven’t filed it yet because I’d rather hold onto my money until April 15th.

  8. We’re hopefully doing them this weekend. We’ve been in a fight with the student loan company about sending us one of our forms…jerks. If they continue to be obstinate we may be asking for an extension

  9. I still havent. I have all my paperwork on the table and it stares menacingly at me. Maybe this weekend will be it!

  10. I’m still waiting on 1 additional K-1 document, it never comes until mid to late March which sucks! I don’t mind filing my taxes, mine are pretty straightforward and I’ve Turbo Tax for years, so it’s pretty easy.

  11. After two years of paying money to the IRS at the end of the year, we got back $1800, and it went straight to the savings account. Fun, Exciting, Stuff.

  12. I started. First year that I have a chunk of 1099 income, so I’m scared to see how much I owe. Just going to try them on my own, then hand them off to my CPA buddy :)…wait I don’t have a CPA buddy! Help!

  13. I FINALLY just did my taxes, and surprise surprise I actually got $150.00 back. Woo hoo! That is a lot for me, and it only happened because they changed the file exemption amounts. I usually have to pay the old man. They still took out a crap load of money.

  14. It’s been hanging over my head for the last month and a half, but no, I haven’t done my taxes! Why do we procrastinate? It makes no sense. I think we’ll even get a refund this year, but obviously the pain of putting everything together is not worth the upside of having it done. Alas.

  15. We filed ours and received $8,000 back. We paid too many taxes this year since we had education credits.

  16. If you have a taxable brokerage account you should not file until April. The corrected 1099s generally don’t arrive until sometime in March.

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