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Tax is kinda random

I’m totally down to pay my fair share of taxes. I enjoy driving on nice roads, being protected by police officers, and having access to city parks. Taxes are a crucial piece of America’s success. As important as I think taxes are, I just don’t get why they have to be so darn complicated.

Did you know, according to the US Government Printing Office, the tax code is 13,458 pages. That’s insanity! I definitely don’t understand even 1% of what my responsibilities and rights are as a tax payer. I just know people tell me to give them money, so I do.

The inspiration behind this post came after I received my annual DMV registration and licensing bill. My sexy little scion is costing me $244 this year and I say boo to that. Although I do like driving on nice roads, I don’t get why everything I do has to be taxed. I mean I totally understand state tax and federal tax, but why can’t it just end there? Shoot, they can even increase the amount I owe to Uncle Sam or to Uncle California if it consolidates all my other random tax liabilities.

Here are just a few of the things that come to mind that I think should just be rolled in to my state or federal tax obligations: Sales tax, fuel tax, property tax, and DMV taxes. I’d also like to see metered parking (I don’t ever carry freakin’ change on me) and passport fees eliminated.

Am I the only one that would rather pay a little more in federal income tax or state income tax, but never have to pay another tax on ANYTHING for the rest of the year? Instead of continuing on my bitter blogging rant, I’m going to begin reading the 13,458 pages of the Tax code so I can be better informed. And by “read the tax code” I mean I’m going to watch MTV 🙂



  1. If you'd add up all the taxes you pay in any given month/year, you'd be surprised in a terrible way at how much of your income is spent on taxes. It's disgusting.

    Oh, by the way, eliminating parking meters wouldn't really work, as their purpose is to increase business in that particular area by making people get in, buy their stuff or services, and get the heck out so more customers can get in.

  2. I do hate Sales tax…especially in our lovely state of CA, ugh!! I recently visited a friend in Oregon and I was in tax free heaven! It makes things way more easy to estimate as far as spending goes.

  3. @ Jake- Couldn't they just put up 1 hour parking signs instead, but still allow parking to be free. They could still issue tickets to those that parked for longer than one hour. I think that would bring in more business because people wouldn't have to pay to shop, but it would still bring in a high turn over of shoppers.

  4. To be honest, taxes is one area of PF where I sort of shut my eyes and pray that it's all taken care of. Of course I pay them, but I never include taxes in my "expenses" reports once I get a paycheck because it just bums me out. I just wait for February when I receive the info for filing taxes and then wait for the sweet refund to roll in. Probably not the best method… but oh well! When I grow up and get married or buy a house or have a kid I'll think about it.

  5. I'm with ya there. My family has to get passports for a vacation out of the nation next year and the cost for a passport is around $100…why? I have no idea. And guess what, if I have the passport done through the mail, its 25$ less than if I actually go in (the post office is right next to my house) and get it in person. WTF is up with that??

  6. @ myprettypennies – Refund!? REFUND!?!? You should never be getting a refund! Adjust your withholding and quit giving the government interest-free loans! 😉

  7. the problem with depending on only income taxes (and eliminating all those other taxes) is that I'm sure there are THOUSANDS of people out there (or more) that either don't have to pay those taxes (don't work), or they don't by choice (tax evasion). I'm sure they pick up a lot more on other "every day" taxes they wouldn't otherwise.

    Another thing…I like driving on nice roads too, but what about the people that don't drive? Should they be made to pay taxes for my roads that would otherwise be paid by car drivers? Same for parking. If I bike everywhere, should I indirectly have to pay for others to get to park in front of the store?

    I agree, our taxes code is messed up (conspiracy, if you ask me….to keep tax accountants in business, hehe), but then again I think a lot of things came to be that way for a reason.

    And why the heck are passports so expensive?! Geez….maybe its a sneaky way they try and keep us from spending our dollars outside the country?
    (Yeah, sorry….long comment.)

  8. If you don't like too many taxes Ninja you best be staying away from Australia. We have the GST here (Goods and Services) tax, which is basically a sales tax on EVERYTHING (except fresh food and financial transactions).

    Silly me I voted for it as the Government said they would lower income tax rates, which they did, but not as much as we all expected….

  9. I'm with you on this one. With paying so much darn tax its hard to hold onto your own darn money! I agree, we should stop at State and Fed tax… but everyone is so darn money hungry.

    We could always build a yurt in some remote location of the world. We might be able to detax in some way by doing so. 😉

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