I drank the kool-aid

Screen shot 2009-11-11 at Nov 11, 2009, 9.15.18 PM
I’m officially a slave to wordpress! Today is my first full day hosting Punch Debt In The Face as a wordpress blog. Actually, yesterday was, but all of my links were broken, my feed was jacked up, email was down, and the site was in shambles, so I’m pretending yesterday didn’t happen.

My goal was to keep my layout and style very similar to what I had before, so there would be no adjustment necessary on my reader’s behalf. I’m still tweaking, tuning, and doing everything possible to make this blog simple, navigable, and quasi-sexy (side note: Does anyone else feel like a royalty should be paid to J. money every time the word sexy is used?).

I originally started blogging with blogger for one simple reason: it was free and really easy. I made a commitment, to myself, that I would not spend any “out of pocket” money to fund my blog (except for the initial $7.00 domain purchase). Well, two weeks ago, I received my first adsense check. It may have only been $90, but it was enough to purchase one year of hosting. I am finally able to cash-flow my blog! With the hosting paid for, I decided to make the switch (aka “drink the kool aid” or “join the cult”) and transfer my blog to wordpress.

If you notice anything wrong with my layout, buttons, images, etc, please let me know so that I can make the appropriate changes. If you are a fellow wordpress user I would appreciate if you dropped some comments telling me which plug-ins are an absolute must. Thanks for being patient with me as I make the change. If you didn’t have a chance to check out my post yesterday titled Sex, Drugs, and Retirement I encourage you to do so (Barack Obama made a guest appearance).

Feel free to poke, play, and click away.

p.s. special shout outs to PF Firewall and Mrs. Micah for helping me out with the change. They are good people so go check em out!