How dare you spend your money on fun things!

Money can be used in four ways. It can be saved, invested, gifted, and spent. Generally I focus more on the investing and saving aspects of money, but today I want to chat with you about spending. I’m not so interested in how much your grocery bill is or how much you spend on gas each month. Instead of focusing on the boring everyday expenses, I think it would be way more fun to talk about the frivolous side of spending. It’s important to remember a portion of our income should go towards having fun. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your money. And that bring up today’s topic… How do you enjoy your money?

You do enjoy your money occasionally…right?! While I do believe money can’t buy happiness, you better believe it can sure as heck help. I thought I would share with you two areas I find joy in spending money…

Dining out.

Girl Ninja and I don’t live together. This means we don’t have all of the conveniences of cohabitation, like sitting down and eating together. Sometimes she will come over and I will cook for her (or she’ll cook for me), but we have really found great value in going on dinner dates. At least once a week I like to  take her out for dinner. The date isn’t just about the food we shove in our face (GN always tells me I have to take smaller bites :)), but it’s about the quality time we get together. It’s about getting away from friends and roommates, and just enjoying each other. I like to think of these meals not so much as an “expense”, but rather an investment in our relationship.


Yup, I got bit by the photography bug…frick! I got a DSLR this Xmas break, and it was love at first sight lust at first picture. The quality is a bajillion times better than my point and shoot camera. I’m totally stoked on this new hobby, but I got to tell ya… it’s freakin’ expensive. Each lens ranges from $300 to $1,200 dollars. I have my eyes on a few different lenses/accessories I would like to add to my photography arsenal, but I’m doing my best to be a good ninja and temper my impulsive nature. I have three camera related things in my Amazon wishlist currently, but I told myself I couldn’t buy anything for at least six months. I want to make sure photography is going to be a long lasting hobby, and not some short term obsession. (I’m kind of infamous for getting in to something, putting a lot of time/effort/money in to it, and then getting bored of it after a few months). Here are a few pictures I have snapped…

scared pug

While frivolous expenses, like the examples mentioned above, can lead some to financial ruins (especially when said expenses are charged to a credit card), I do believe they can also be used as a tool to provide joy. Do you wrestle with the idea of “blowing” money on a hobby? What are some expenses you incur on a semi-frequent basis that you could cut out of your budget, but don’t? Are you a big time rock climber? Do you like to travel? Maybe a cooking hobby? Or if you are on the wild side, perhaps you like to put on a chewbacca mask, buy a bunch of taco shells, empty them from their taco shell box, tape said box to your nipples, get in your underwear, and take pictures of yourself to post on the internet like this guy….

(Don’t worry this guy is probably really nice)

Drop me a line and let me know what some of your hobbies are. Heck I might even want to try a few of them out!

p.s I know there are a ton of free hobbies (i.e. going to the park, local museums, etc). I’m not as interested in them, as I am the areas where you set aside money for the soul purpose of HAVING FUN!