I suck(ed) at life

After I graduated college, I had to face reality. The days of part-time jobs, bunk beds, and sleeping until noon were a thing of the past. It was time to figure out my life. Only problem was, I didn’t know a thing about the “real” world. So I did what I thought was most logical and went through a life coaching program.

Life Coaching. Sounds pretty cheesy right? I agree it does sound a little funny, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you want to learn how to be a good photographer, what’s one of the best ways to learn? That’s right, it’s to be coached by someone that has some mad photography skills. So why would my life be any different than a hobby? A sport? Or a blog? Truth is, it shouldn’t.

I went through a 12 month life coaching program. Every other week, I had a 30 minute phone call with my coach. (It really shouldn’t be called “coaching” though, as my coach didn’t tell me what to do, but instead helped me establish goals and aided me in achieving them.) There were seven different aspects of life that we focused on. They were: Family, Fitness, Faith, Finances, Friends, Focus, and Priorities.

We worked through each module establishing visions and action plans to ensure personal success in each category. I ended up inputting each module in to an excel spreadsheet, and now have my entire life in one single document sitting on my desktop. Below is a snapshot of my Focus module…

As you can see I wrote out my vision of what I want my life to look like, and what steps I need to take to get there. Is anything in that spreadsheet profound? No. We all probably want to have efficient finances, a wonderful marriage, and kids we adore. It’s not the vision that makes life coaching awesome. No, it’s the action plans and accountabilty that really foster growth.

I told my coach each week what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to accomplish it. Two weeks later when we spoke again, he would ask if I was successful in meeting my goals. It was the accountability (knowing he was going to ask if I met my goals) that motivated me to complete each action plan.

There are a lot of ‘say’ers, but not a lot of ‘do’ers, when it comes to finances. Sure, you want to be rich, you want a large income, and you want to work for yourself, but what are you actually doing to make that happen? Do you have your goals written down somewhere and someone that will help hold you accountable to said goals? If not, your vision doesn’t hold much value.

Have you ever gone through any type of life coaching or mentoring program? Did you benefit from it? If not, what system do you use to foster personal growth? Anyone out there think the life coaching gig is a waste of time?


Life coaching was free as it was part of a ministry of my church.  My coach did it as a volunteer so he wasn’t paid at all. I would never sign up for the infomercially type life coaching programs where they charge you $300 for some CD’s and $50/hr to talk to someone about life.