Boys rule, girls drool

Screen shot 2009-11-30 at Nov 30, 2009, 11.47.53 PMToday is an epic day. I promised yesterday, that I would be stirring up a little controversy this morning. Well, hopefully I can deliver on that promise. The only catch is there are three other bloggers that are in on this action. Consider this the first PF “Battle of the Sexes”. My goal today is to establish why being a man is better for one’s financial situation. To all those that are offended, please understand this is suppose to be lighthearted and the girls have an equal opportunity to bash the dudes.

Now on to the four reasons why being a women is harmful for one’s financial health…

1) The glass ceiling. That’s right ladies, no matter how hard you work, how much education you have, or how many bosses you sleep with, you will probably never be as highly paid as Bob the college graduate whose great uncle is your manager. I’m not saying the glass ceiling is ethical, but it exists. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the ten richest people in the world. Any idea how many of them are men? That’s right all of them. In fact, only two women make the top 20. If you’re a female you’re fighting an uphill income battle from day one.

2) Make-up. Oh don’t even get me started on make-up. Quite possibly the greatest marketing ploy ever: Convince women they are absolutely disgusting, unless they spend hundreds of dollars a year on some blush, lipstick, mascara, etc. I’ve always been dumbfounded by the cash a woman will spend in an attempt to alter her looks. Shoot, while we are talking about make-up, let’s move on to the world of plastic surgery. Breast implants, nose jobs, face-lifts…all a female dominated market. Thousands of dollars wasted. A note to all women: You are all naturally beautiful….why do pay so much to mess up a good thing?

3) Unnecessary purchases. Do you know why coupons were invented? They were invented because women like to shop. Sure they might have saved $0.50 on that cute centerpiece, but did they really need to spend the $29.99 in the first place? Girls will buy anything and everything just because it’s on sale. Girls buy things they don’t need, that they will never use, and don’t even want, simply because they “got a good deal.”

Lastly, and quite possibly the most important reason being a man is better for one’s financial situation….

4) Tampons. I’m still pretty immature and don’t really like to talk about the female menstrual cycle, but I’m gonna give it my best. According to a few different internet sources, the average woman spends $4.00 a month on tampons. That’s $48 a year. Let’s run the number and see what that money could do for a 25 year old individual if invested in a Roth IRA through age 65, with an 11% return….$31,000 spent on just tampons. I don’t even wanna know what that number would be if we included ALL feminine hygiene products. As a male, I think I’ll take that money and go buy myself a Lexus or something I can enjoy 🙂

Now before some of my female readers throw a temper tantrum, please remember this was intended to be lighthearted. When it really comes down to it, there should be no debate on who is better. We all know men are better at EVERYTHING. There really is no argument to be made for the other side, but in fairness, I’d like you all to head on over to these other blogs right now and read their perspective on “male vs female” finances.

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Men: be sure to add in the comments below other costs that you can think of that women incur and men avoid.
Women: make your best attempts in the comments below to dispute anything included above 🙂