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Surprises are fun

Girl Ninja had a really hard teaching day yesterday. Her kindergarteners decided to go all “Jersey Shore” on her and act completely crazy. One of GN’s students even called her a ho. Five year olds shouldn’t know what a ho is… right?! Needless to say, Girl Ninja was emotionally drained after a discouraging day in the classroom.

Now this might sound a little odd, but I’ve been hoping Girl Ninja would have a bad day for over a month now. When I was in Germany, I decided to plan a surprise trip for the two of us this summer. Only thing was, I didn’t know how to surprise Girl Ninja with the news. After talking with her mom, we figured the best time to tell GN would be after she had an emotionally exhausting day. Yesterday, was that day. So, after Girl Ninja shared all of her frustrations, I got to cheer her up by telling her about the nine day Hawaiian vacation I booked for us. She was pretty stoked. There are a few reasons I am particularly excited about this trip…

First and most foremost, it’s important to enjoy our money. Girl Ninja has worked her butt off this school year and deserves some time to recharge the batteries. I’ve been so focused on saving for a down payment, I’ve forgotten to have fun in the process. We’ve been hoarding cash like it’s going out of style, and Hawaii seemed like the perfect excuse to splurge.

There’s no guilt. This is seriously the best thing about being debt free. I don’t have to think about the cost of the vacation and how we could have used that money to pay down some stupidly high credit card balance. Being debt free is seriously legit and I’m pretty sure the 8th wonder of the world. You should try it out 🙂

It wins me some “husband points.” Now I’m not saying you can buy your wife’s love…oh wait…YES I AM!!! Haha! What woman wouldn’t want to be surprised with a vacation to a tropical paradise? In all seriousness, it’s important to me to continually win Girl Ninja’s love. Sometimes that means planning a surprise vacation. Sometimes that means sending her a goodnight text message when I’m laying next to her in bed (she loves that for some weird reason). And sometimes it means looking her in the eyes and telling her I’ll never leave her. Too many married couples become roommates. That’s not cool with me, I’m gonna date the crap out of my wife for as long as I live.

Lastly, Hawaii was basically begging us to come visit. You wanna know how much a Seattle to Honolulu direct flight cost? $550 total! That’s $275 a pop. I was on that deal like a fat kid on cake. We’ll stay in a hotel for a few nights, and with a friend for the majority of the time (he has a guest bedroom), so our lodging costs will be minimal. I’m guessing all in we will only be out about $1,000-$1,500. Worth. Every. Penny.

I love you Girl Ninja and I’m excited to go to Hawaii with you, even if one of your kindergarteners thinks you’re a ho

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  1. I’m so confused as to where/how a kinder-kid would even learn words like that! Some parents… Have a great time in Hawaii!

  2. Sorry that GN had such a horrible day; I’m beyond shocked that a 5 yr old would call an adult a ho! Hubby and I don’t have kids, but I can promise you that our kids would know how to respect their “elders”… that kind of behaviour would’ve NEVER flown when Hubby and I were 5!

    I’m sooo glad to hear that you’re coming on board with having some fun with your money; best to get in as many Ninja & GN time before Baby Ninjas start appearing. What’s the point of working that hard, saving all that money and being debt free, but not enjoying yourselves once in a while? (((TWO THUMBS UP))). Continuing to date when your married is so important; Hubby and I do, and it’s awesome!


  3. That last line cracked me up and that is a killer deal that’s hard to pass up, especially when you have a buddies room to crash at.

  4. God bless GN. Spending all day, every day with kindergarteners sounds worse than spending all day, every day with Sarah Palin

  5. Nice surprise! Definitely win some husband points with that one. Good to know there are more guys out there like my guy 🙂

  6. That’s nice Ninja. I am glad you were able to cheer up GN on a bad day.

    Just playing the Devil’s advocate here, but wasn’t she even a little mad that you planned a vacation without telling her? I like it when my husband surprises me with a small gift or a bunch of flowers, but I would have been a teensy mad if he booked our vacation 🙂

  7. I side with the above – I would have been irked if my husband planned a surprise vacation, unless we had several thousand sitting in a “travel fund” & no plans to spend it. Which never happens, because my travel fund is perpetually being emptied by trips i come up with. 🙂 Obviously, I would swallow that felling and roll with it, but I’d tell him to discuss it in advance next time!

    BUT, GN seems much less interested in this kind of stuff than I am, and clearly in your relationship, this is not only ok, but a fabulously wonderful thing to do. You two have fun!

  8. If you had secretly saved the money in cash for such an event so it’s not down payment $ being sucked through a fruity pineapple drink, then I think that’s a wonderful surprise.

    Regardless, GN should hang onto any guy willing to do that much planning.

  9. Aww, this the sweetest! You go Ninja. Shoot, you’re getting blogger points for that!

  10. People don’t understand how difficult teaching can be! Vacations are necessary to rejuvenate you.

  11. Thanks for making the rest of the husbands in this world look like total jerks. Now we all have to save up for our nine day vacations in Hawaii. Thanks!!!

    • You let your wife on the internet? I hear that’s dangerous dude.

  12. Girl Ninja is a lucky lady. Minus the fact that she has Jersey Shore kindergartners. Have fun in Hawaii!

  13. When are you flying that you are getting that deal?! I’ve just been searching for the same thing and found only $400 on up.

  14. That is super nice! I totally agree we need to enjoy our money. Also that too many of us think vacations are super expensive and don’t bother even trying to plan or save for one. Thanks for showing us that you can scout out awesome deals and surprise Girl Ninja all in one swoop! Have a great holiday!

  15. Hawaii is awesome. Have fun! There are lots of inexpensive stuff you can do in Hawaii. All the beaches are free because they are part of the National Park. Food is expensive if you don’t go to the local joints, but you get a lot of food for you money if you go to the local places. GN is so lucky, and Ninja, you are so sweet.

  16. Poor GN! 5-yr olds should NOT know what a “ho” is, much less call their teachers one. You need to go Ninja on them.

    Have fun in Hawaii! Don’t forget to visit the shrimp trucks, you will be in love.

  17. Awww… that is TOO CUTE! It is so true that you need to enjoy your money as you live vs. just saving it all for when you die. It’s great that you’re able to balance saving and spending your money on important things like this vacation. Have a wonderful time!

  18. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii. It must have been a really great break for the two of you to go there and have fun. Good luck to Girl Ninja on her next class. 🙂

  19. […] you should also enjoy your hard earned money.”  She was also referring to Debt Ninja‘s post, where he asserted that “it’s important to enjoy our money”.  I’m not […]

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