Stuff that confuses me.

It’s 9:00pm here in Korea as I write this (7am EST) and I’m watching the movie “Wall Street”. I’ve never seen it and 20 minutes in, and I’m hooked. What that means for you is that I am unfortunately not going to write an article because I’m going to continue watching the movie. How’s that for the worlds most disappointing Friday post?

I’m going to try to not be completely lame by brifely sharing a few things that confuse the crap out of me. Things that some of you are likely well versed in, but that are a foreign language to me. Without further ado, I present to you “Stuff that confuses me”…

1. The tax code (haha, bet you couldn’t guess that after yesterday’s post).

2. Puts (a stock term)

3. Short term capital gains

4. Health Insurance (claims, how to pick the best policy, etc).

5. What car maintenance needs to be done and whats a scam.

6. Women.

7. Dividends.

8. How a freakin camera can literally capture time

9. What all those people on the trading floor of Wall Street are yelling about.

10. Women.

Alright, so that’s my list of ten things that make me scratch my head and go “Whaaaaa?” How bout you? What things confuse you?

p.s. On a random note. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I was being “watched” in my hotel room. I looked for cameras and wire taps, but nothing came up. Then I looked closer at this painting in my room and it all made sense.

26 thoughts on “Stuff that confuses me.”

  1. Great story from a friend of mine.

    Friend (14): “Dad, can I talk to you about a girl at school?”
    Dad (40-50s-ish): (Pause). “Son, I guess you are old enough that it’s time I share with you everything I have learned in my life about understanding women. When I figure something out, I will let you know.”

  2. If you think the tax code is bad, try finding services for disabled children or adults in your community. I think you need 2 PhD’s to figure it out. Not to mention the hassle of getting fair and appropriate education for special ed kids in the school system. IEP’s give me ulcers, literally. Am currently wading thru paperwork trying to apply for SSI for my two disabled sons. By the time I am done, the applications alone will have taken me almost 60 hrs of work, and then we need to do a phone or live person interview. And we aren’t even guaranteed they will qualify for the program.

    • Agreed! Anything that has to do with navigating the health care system, health insurance, and disability is a complete drag. It’s like have 2 full time jobs. To make it worse, those of us who have to do are at a huge advantage because we not operating at our full capacity: we are either super sick ourselves, or we are a care-giver for the person who needs these services. Kudos to you for being such a great mother and good luck with the process!

  3. something that confuses me is anything and everything to do with the stock market… I wish i was more educated on the process, so that i could try to make some money off of it. sigh. especially after watching the movie Wall Street – are you watching the original or the second one that came out like a year ago? They are both really good… 🙂

  4. There is so much I do not understand that I could not list one here! Why do people who say they want children do not take care of them after they have them? Hmmmmm!

  5. You missed the other people in your painting. The first one I saw was on the left – a man with a sailboat beak and a red/white triangle hat. On the right (just above and to the left of the man you noticed) is a guy with a big diamond shaped nose, red triangle eyes and an orange rooftop mouth. He has an unusual stripe running through the middle of his face, but given the rest of the painting, I think I can forgive it. Good luck sleeping tonight.

    • Haha. As someone who is pretty conservative even I can appreciate that. But I’d say the same thing about democrats. Funny how there can be one issue, and two completely different thoughts as to how to solve it. Too bad people just can’t work together and figure stuff out, instead politics has just become a competition about who can “yell” louder.

      • I prefer the political party that leaves me to live my life how I see fit, and not how they want me to live my life.

      • Republicans are usually wrong, and bigoted.

        there’s nothing to work out. It’s not okay to be a racist, misogynistic homophobe. Human rights need to be respected. Republicans will always be wrong as long as they fail to realize this.

    • See, that comment right there is exactly what is wrong with this country. You can’t put blame on just one party be it the Republican or Democratic parties because both are to blame. Both are arrogant. Both blame the other side. Both need to just stop the childish games and work together to turn this country around. There is no possiblity of a bright future for the next generation with this much debt. We need to get rid of the politicians that refuse to work together for the good of the people.

    • Pam, I have to agree with you on that one!! But as a man, I can say that men are gigantic babies… It’s just the way it is.

      I don’t understand why food is so crappy in the US and in Europe everything taste fresh. Well, I guess I do understand, we like crap.

  6. Taxes and puts can be learned…you have no chance with understanding women.

    I don’t understand why the occupation of “weatherman” exists nor do I understand C, The Writer (LOL JK)

  7. Dude… most of your confusion list is precisely the kind of crap that I’m currently learning in school! Ha ha ha!

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