So this happened last night…

But the slomo version is my personal favorite. Listen to that solid high five sound.

Oh and the guy that I hugged before Girl Ninja, he and his wife popped their balloon at the same time and we realized we were both having boys.

22 thoughts on “So this happened last night…”

  1. Don’t run with scissors and don’t hug and high five with a knife…

    Other than that…Congrats!!! 🙂

  2. Older generation here…please explain. So, you did not know that your baby was going to be a boy until you popped that balloon??? Or am I totally misunderstanding this?

    • Haha. Exactly. We had the Doc send a text to our friend that threw the party with the baby’s sex so she could fill the balloon up with the appropriate color confetti.

  3. First : Congrats! and lots of good health to your wife and the baby!
    Second: Who is the guy in the striped shirt??? He was so excited…. – it’s not normal for a brother/friend/cousin! And I really do hope they would have been the same for a girl!

    • Larry, try this: right click on the movie, copy URL, open a new window, paste URL, hit enter. A movie window should pop up and start playing.

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