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The sickest PF giveaway ever!!!!!!

Today’s other post talked about rewards, so It’s about time I reward one of you!

I got hooked up by my GIRL Shani, who runs Money Grows On Tees, a T-shirt company that wants you to: save regularly for goals and emergencies, spend within your income, and use credit wisely. Sounds like my kind of T-shirt company! She sent me two T-shirts and I am in LOVE with them. Here they are…

No she isn’t paying me to tell you to go to her site. She didn’t even send me the shirts so I would promote him. She’s just a cool dudette, wanting to spread the t-$hirt love.

I do want to reciprocate her generosity, though, and try and get her some business. To sweeten the pot, she’s going to give away one of her shirts to a lucky PDITF reader. All you have to do is drop a line in the comments below telling me what you would want your “money” shirt slogan to be!

Here’s the shirt you’re trying to win…. (the red “get” highlights the point that you have to budget/make a spending plan/and manage your money to “get” the things that you want and need.)

Only one comment per person and the winner will be announced on Tuesday morning’s blog post. Make sure you include your REAL email in the comment form box, otherwise I won’t have a way to contact you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

p.s. Did I mention the shirts are American Apparel, we’re talking high quality. Ain’t no cheap fruit of the loom crap!!!! Go check out Money Grows On Tees already!



  1. I work at a University and would love to spread that debt sucks! These shirts are a def conversation starter! I’d definitely rock this at the credit card sign up booth and have these kids think twice!

  2. I need one of these. I’m in college. I’m 48 years old, so I’m a bit of a late starter. I’d like to walk around campus with this bad boy on.

    • oops… I read the posts backwards. Look like you get credit for the slogan…

      Budget isn’t a 4 letter word.

      I like Diana’s presentation of it below though. So you both win! haha.

  3. Mine’s obviously a Dave Ramsey rip off – but mine would say “Debt Free Except the Mortgage” or maybe one that says “Spend Less Than You Make”

  4. Set me up man!
    What about:
    “Frugal for Life”
    “Thousand Dollar Baller”
    “Catch-up contributions are for procrastinators”
    “The only fur coat I’ll wear is a tax-defurred one” – Yeah..this one is ridiculous

    -Frugal Midwest

  5. I loooooove these shirts – what an excellent idea! Here are my slogans:

    Save Money….Be Happy

    Credit Cards Are Evil…Cut One Up Today

    BUDGET…It’s not a four letter word

  6. Sweetness! We are looking for some staff shirts here at Adaptu. I’ll definitely have to reach out to Shani about that. My dream shirt would say: My finances. My future. Adaptu.

  7. Save Money – Just Do It. (With a Nike swish)

    or… Peace.Love.Savings.

    I like most of the above, especially Debt free

  8. Dude, awesome idea! I have so many slogans. Feel free to use them all!

    “I Retired Early”

    “My Money Works For Me”

    “Paper or Plastic?”

    Ill think of a few more…


  9. I would modify the first to read:

    I R A man with a ^ plan

    And then a couple others:

    when 401k isn’t enough

    Millionare only comes before $aving in the dictionary.

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