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If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine. Your credit card bill that is. What? Are you embarrassed about the $50 you spent last month on Jack in the Crack? Well, I bet you got nothing on me. I generally don’t blog about my monthly CC statement because it’s usually pretty standard, but this last month was anything but standard.

My July statement is unlike any other I’ve had. My bill isn’t $1,500. Not $2,500. Not even $3,500. In the last 30 days, I’ve managed to charge a whopping $4,310 to the good ol’ Alaska Airlines credit card. I don’t know if I should find joy in all the airline miles I’ve earned, or cry about all the money that will soon be leaving my checking account.

There is really one reason, and one reason only, for the giant bill. I spent a freakin’ ton of money. Granted, most of these expenses were anticipated, like my $2,250 honeymoon charge, the $489 GN and I spent at Ikea, and $300 in plane tickets to get back to San Deezy after the wedding.

But some of these expenses were either not anticipated, or much larger than planned. Take for example the money spent on household necessities (i.e.napkins, cleaning supplies, silverware trays, etc) when I moved in to our new place. I asked Girl Ninja, at the conclusion of our cleaning supplies shopping trip, how much she thought we spent and she guessed $80. Boy was she wrong. We walked away $160 poorer that day. But I’m happy to report I can go #2 all I want now as we have enough toilet paper to last a lifetime.

One thing I totally forgot to account for was an increase in our food bill during the summer months. We tend to eat out with friends quite a bit more in the summer, and since it’s so beautiful here in S.D., you know I have to start my grill up at least once a week. Dining out or grillin’ fresh chicken is not the most frugal option, but it’s SOOOO worth it. Let’s just say, I don’t expect to meet my $250/month food budget this month 🙁

While my $4,300 credit card bill might be three times larger than a normal bill, it’s really nothing to write home about, since I knew it was coming. Since it’s Friday, I thought we could have a little fun and see who here has racked up the highest CC balance over the last 30 days. I’d be shocked if I didn’t have the most charges. This shouldn’t include past CC balances, but only that which was accumulated over the last month. So, random creepy person reading my blog, what’s your credit card bill right now?

p.s. I can’t quite update on Operation Make a Huge Life Decision just yet, but I will soon.



  1. I came darn close. I sent $4000 to my credit card last month, the biggest charge by far in a year. Similar issues. I had people in from out of town, my upcoming vacation is on it, a gift card for someone, my mom’s dentist bill + all my regular household expenses.

    My biggest credit card bill ever? It was over $15,000. It was the month our kitchen cabinets and a bunch of other things got bought for our kitchen remodel. It was a 100% planned expense, but it was still so shocking to see that I went on a spending diet for the next 6 months.

  2. I think mine is about 20 dollars at the moment. I used to be bad with my credit card, not horrible but like having 500 on it and incurring interest etc so now I really only use it for online stuff that i cant pay cash for. It has made a huge difference. However, for about six months I have been really strict and on top of my finance so I am sure I could use your credit card only method now.

  3. About $1,500 – we just went to Yellowstone and paid for 6 months of car insurance this month. We only use the CC for things we’re taking money out of savings to pay so it’s usually nothing. I don’t feel so bad about it now. 🙂

  4. It’s about $800. at the moment. DH and I put all our gas/car expenses on there, since we get reimbursed mileage from work, so it gets paid in full each month.

  5. Ha! Just wait until there are kids involved.

    Six thousand dollars, bay-bee! One business trip (to France — airfare, hotel, car rental, etc). One one-week music institute for two kids with their parents (me & DH) in the Colorado Rockies (airfare from the East Coast, car rental, hotel, tuition, food while there, petcare for a week, etc). And one one-week vacation in the mountains of Vermont (travel, activities, lodging, food, petcare, etc). Much of this had been pre-paid, but certainly not all.

    And some random day-camp stuff for the kids, too. And then Kiddo the Elder leaves for sleepaway camp for three weeks on Sunday.

    I know I say “six thousand dollars” like it’s something to be proud of. And I think maybe it is. We’re spending our money on experiences, not things, and we’re spending it on experiences that really matter to us and bring us closer as a family. And we have more than enough in our checking account to pay the balance off without having to pull from our savings accounts. These are expenses for which we have planned and saved, and all will be well.

  6. It’s ridiculous right now – $3800. But like you, that includes airfare and (some) lodging for out upcoming honeymoon.

    I’m kind of embarassed but one wedding expense (gift to myself) has been to get a series of spa treatments and better skincare. Expensive, yes, but wow, totally worth it.

    • Don’t be embarrassed – I’ve been doing the same thing! $30 to get my eyebrows waxed is crazy, but if it means I spend seven whole minutes lying in a quiet room that smells like lavender listening to soft new age music and relaxing just a little bit… it’s worth it. And if you’re as stressed about the wedding planning as I am, it’s probably worth it to your betrothed as well. 🙂

  7. credit card bill = $0, I probably use my credit card two or three times a year and that’s usually because I couldn’t find my debit card.

  8. Mine is $322 – what we spent while on vacation in West Virgina. Will be paid off this weekend though 🙂

  9. Ugh…you all are impressive.


    It was nearly $4000 about eight months ago; still paying off stupid decisions made while in college.

  10. Ninja – I currently have 10x your debt on my CC, and a mortgage and 3 kids to feed. Get a grip. You need to put it in perspective. A wedding, buying a home. having a child are some of the major things in life where you are going to spend money. I’m sure some of your wedding guests with give money as gifts. You have saving to pay this off. Enjoy your wedding!

  11. You know, I didn’t notice the “random creepy person reading my blog” comment in big bold letters until I came back to view the comments later. Isn’t it funny how you just don’t notice some things.

  12. – Discover – $1893.04 (regular expenses plus $700 of vacation expenses)

    – Mastercard – $188.45 (regular expenses like our electricity bill, which was $99.17)

    – Citi Forward Visa – $2252.48 (a few regular expenses and the $2039 last grad school payment)

    – PenFed Visa – $269.94 (regular expenses and $99.39 for board games for hubby’s birthday)

    – TOTAL: $4603.91

    Everything was planned or covered by it’s own account (like the $150 of vet bills spread out in there), but you’re right, it still hurts. Our normal bills end up around $1500-$2000 max, but June-July was rough.

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  14. $2400 which is huge for me. $600 for a business trip that I have not yet been reimbursed for, $600 for yearly professional dues, and then some planned expenses but about $600 of spending (on the business trip) that wasn’t really budgeted for. I’ll pay if off in full but I definitely spend more in the summer.

  15. About $2400 as I just bought a plane ticket to Europe for $2200 to attend a funeral. ~__~; Thankfully, I have money in my EF to cover it though.

  16. $)
    I don’t have a credit Card and I don’t want one.
    I pay cash for stuff or use my debit card.
    I don’t even bring home $700 a month, so there is no way I could handle most people’s credit card bills.

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