Should I get a lawsuit loan?

No one wants to become involved in a lawsuit. They can be stressful and time
consuming. You might worry about the impact on your mental health, finances, or the
needs of your family.

However, sometimes lawsuits aren’t avoidable. In fact, there are times when you will
need to be involved in a lawsuit to get the justice you deserve. The justice system
exists to make sure that the world is a fairer place. So, if you’ve been injured and it
wasn’t your fault, for example, you shouldn’t then find yourself out of pocket.
While some people can afford to pay for legal procedures, others will struggle to find
the finances. This is why you can now get PI lawsuit loans, which can be offered
before your lawsuit or case actually settles. Here’s a breakdown of lawsuit loans.

What it covers

If you’ve been in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, you might find yourself out of
work and struggling to make ends meet. You might be worrying about rent or
mortgage payments without an income. Life can be expensive, especially when you
have a family to feed. Lawsuit loans can help with this. If you’re going through a
lawsuit to try and get compensation, you might not receive this money for a long
time. Lawsuits can take years to settle in some cases. That’s no good, because you
need the money now. Lawsuit loans work well in this instance, as they can cover
these expenses during your lawsuit.

Time period

So, how quickly can you get the money? It varies on a case-by-case basis, but it can
be a swift process. Once you’ve filed your lawsuit and are represented by an
attorney, you can send your case to be reviewed by a legal funding underwriter. You
could then be offered a portion of your settlement as soon as 24 hours later. Of
course, this all varies depending on which lawsuit loan company you use and what
their policies are. The amount you will receive will also be directly related to the
injury you have had. The more serious or damaging the injury, the more money you
will receive.

Paying back

Loans can be worrying because of paying them back. Money isn’t often dropped into
our bank accounts without any repercussions. However, some lawsuit loan
companies only expect to be paid back if you have won your case. Often, the
company will receive direct repayment from the settlement once the case has
finalized. So, if your case fails and you don’t get any reward, you won’t have to pay
back the loan. The company will assume all risk. However, companies vary so make
sure you read the small print and talk through any concerns with your attorney.