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Sheriff of Nottingham

A few weeks ago Girl Ninja and I partook in an annual trip we do each year to Loon Lake, WA (about 6 hours away) with a bunch of our friends. I believe this was our third year participating.

What is there to do in Loon Lake, WA you ask?


And that’s why we love it. There is no cell phone service. There are no restaurants. There is no internet.

We spend our days playing ice hockey on the frozen lake.

Watching the Seahawks dominate the NFC championships (two years in a row). Go hawks!


And we play a ton of board games.

I usually come back from the weekend obsessed with a few of the games I was introduced to. This year was no different. I ended up buying three games after this year’s trip which is not good for my budget.

The games I bought were:



Sheriff of Nottingham: Probably my favorite one of the bunch. It’s a game that’s all about bluffing. Each round you try to smuggle goods past the sheriff without getting caught, but even if you do, you can negotiate your way out of some pretty costly penalties.


I ordered the first two games from Amazon, but Sheriff of Nottingham is in really high demand and was sold out everywhere when I first tried to get it. About a week ago, I noticed the game publisher had updated their inventory and had copies available to purchase through their website.

I ordered a copy and thought nothing of it.

Until yesterday, when I opened the package on my front porch and saw this…

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at Jan 29, 2015, 9.53.42 PM

Ummm, I ordered one copy. Not six.

I hopped online to look at my order summary and make sure I didn’t accidentally order (and pay for) six copies of the game.

I hadn’t.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my first thought was “I wonder how much I could sell these for on eBay.” But after about 0.2 seconds that Jesus guy I’m kinda close with was like “Don’t do it bro.”


High School Ninja and possibly even Even college Ninja, definitely would have kept all six games, but now that I’m a little older, a little more mature, and a little less selfish; I appreciate other peoples’ hard work.

This game doesn’t come from a big conglomerate like Milton Bradley (not that that should matter) so I’m positive this blunder will hurt their bottom line.

I sent them an email informing them of their mistake, but haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully no one gets fired over the mistake.


Have you ever received something shouldn’t have? (I remember a time in high school I gave a cashier at McDonald’s a $5 bill to pay for my food and she gave me back like $16 because she thought I had given her a $20)

Be honest… you ever kept the thing you didn’t deserve? (I think I kept that incorrect McDonald’s change. I’m terrible.)





  1. You are doing the right thing. Let the company know of their error and decide how to proceed. Chances are they will say my bad and let you keep the extras or at least pay for return shipment of the excess.

    If they give you the extras, you should try giving one or more away through the blog (you may even be able to push the publisher to allow this as a sponsorship with the extra copies) instead of just selling them (yeah, anti-financial advice).

    As for items I may have gotten by mistake – I have always tended to let the company know of the error. Most recently was my mechanic when I had my tires changed. I was given a credit of $25 for my rear two tires, but the front were to worn to have any resale value to the mechanic. The invoice incorrectly credited me with $100 instead of $50 so I pointed it out (hoping to maybe get the credit reduced to $75 instead of $50) and ended up with the original agreed upon amount.

    Smaller items it becomes a balance of is the guilt worth my time or the value worth the companies time? For example, my 19 month old daughter has a “dirty” Easter Bunny. We “purchased” it at Wal-Mart and the cashier was too busy flirting with my sister-in-law to realize that when he passed it over the scanner, it didn’t ring up. It was a $10 stuffed animal that we didn’t even realize we got for “free” until we were in the car and I checked the receipt. At that point it was not worth going back into the store and waiting the 30+ minutes it takes for customer service.

  2. Years ago I cashed my paycheck at my credit union and went to pick up my kids from daycare. When I got to the daycare, I took the money out of the envelope and took out what was needed to pay them. I counted the rest to make sure I had taken out the right amount, but I had $60 extra. I counted the daycare money again, and it was right. I counted the leftover money again, still $60 over. I picked up the kids and went straight back to the credit union to return the money. This was a time in my life when $60 would have made a HUGE difference for me, but I could not keep it. The teller was super thankful.

    Many times over the years I’ve gotten bundles of cash from the bank for work. I always double check what they send. A few times, I’ve found a $50 in the bundle of $20’s and I always make sure to take that back as well.

    The only time I ever really took anything that wasn’t mine was when I was about five years old and took a piece of candy from the store. My dad noticed the candy in my mouth and we had to go back to the store so that I could apologize.

  3. a) Are you certain you didn’t order six copies?

    b) I believe under federal law you are entitled to keep for free any items you receive through the mail that you did not specifically order. In which case you can either be a solid, upstanding, honest citizen and return five of the copies, or you can

    c) Give them to your friends, thus like Robin Hood making you rob from the rich to give to the poor.

  4. I’ve ordered things on line before and after letting them know its the wrong item they’ve told me to just keep it and they’ll send me the correct item. I assuming because the cost of shipping the item back would just not be worth it to them. Good on you for doing the right thing and e-mailing them to let them know what happened. Someone is probably going to be breathing a sigh of relief knowing where those “missing” games are!

  5. Well… if you end up getting to keep them you have a nice little giveaway you can do on your blog now.

    One of the last games I played with a bunch of people was One Night Ultimate Werewolf… it was a blast. If it wasn’t for the fact everyone I know has kids and they are all still at the ages where they go to bed at like 7, we would do more board game nights.

    • It’s true Sherman and Baldwin can be a little loud. They are the type of players where you love them if they are on your team, and hate them if they aren’t.

      But I need not remind you that Lynch not only doesn’t talk trash, he literally doesn’t talk. Nor does he celebrate after he scores a touch down (not even with his teammates). And come on Russell Wilson has a heart of Gold, Diamonds, and Rainbows.

  6. I bought a $300.00 suitcase from a local place once (I travel a lot, it has held up through a lot of abuse). Their system was being wonky and wouldn’t add the sales tax. Her manager came override it and enter it manually.

    When I got home I realized that instead of entering 8.5%, she entered $8.50.

    Tax should have been about $25. Oops.

  7. Good for you – letting them know is the right thing to do for sure.

    About a year or so ago I got a small item from Amazon that was delivered to my address, but to the ex-tenant’s name. I’d been getting mail for that person for over a year and was pretty annoyed to get a little package too, so I just set it aside for a while. Then I tried to figure out how to let Amazon know that the package came to the wrong location, but I couldn’t find out how to report it online. Then I wound up keeping & using the item (goes for about $10). I still feel a little guilty though.

  8. Glad to see there are some good people out there in this wicked world of ours. I have never scored this big, but I would have done the same thing.

  9. Good for you–that was definitely the right thing to do. I would feel similarly about a small, independent company. I’d hate for them to actually suffer from a mistake like that. If it was behemoth Amazon, I probably wouldn’t feel as strongly.

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