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Seven business secrets for how to earn extra during black Friday sale

The growth of Black Friday year-on-year in e-commerce sales has been massive and 2019 is set to be an even bigger year than ever. The numbers don’t lie and there is certainly a lot of potential for the promotion of products on Black Friday. Storeowners find it’s one of the best days for selling in the year.

In this post, we take a look at how you can get a slice of the pie as people pull out their credit cards to buy on Black Friday.

Put together product bundles

When people buy on the internet, they are always looking for a bargain, especially on Black Friday, and they are often willing to make bigger purchases than normal. You can increase your value per sale by bundling products together and attracting people when they are on this shopping spree. Product bundling is perhaps the easiest way to increase the amount you earn off each visitor.

Use price hooks

Get people signing up for price alerts and do this at different levels within the market so that you can get people buying brands and product bundles at the price points that they are looking for. This makes for effective marketing and also enables you to build discount landing pages and call-to-actions that are in line with what people are in the market for.

Use social media to build anticipation

In the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, develop an emotional connection with your customers by publishing imagery that attracts them and by using positive testimonials on your social media platforms.

Make sure your site is ready for sales

Black Friday can really create a spike of traffic on your website meaning you need to make sure that the speed of your servers and the design of your site is capable of coping with this increased demand. Make sure your site is ready for the rush and that your back-ordering system is able to cope with shipping and the rush of customer enquiries that may come.

You should also be sure that your payment systems are all up and running, and properly synced with your current account so that customers do not encounter payment problems during checkout.

Make partnerships with coupon sites

Coupon sites are massively popular these days and they are also highly ranked in search engines for Black Friday deals. If you run a small or medium e-commerce store, getting on these coupon sites can create a real spike in traffic and get your name out there so that you are chosen not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but also become the location of choice for loyal shoppers.

Develop a referral programme

Referrals are still the best form of advertising on the net, whether that be direct referrals or people reading reviews. Get more reviews on quality websites and list them on product pages and make it easy for people to recommend your products and website by pointing towards a valuable and filled program.

Think about free delivery

The modern customer is always very conscious about how much delivery costs and offering free delivery can make the difference. Some retailers are offering free delivery as their carrot rather than heavy discounts in an attempt to play on this current trend in the e-commerce market.

Using thresholds for deliveries is also a great way to encourage people to spend more.

Wrapping up

These are just a few strategies that you can including your e-commerce strategy for the biggest retail weekend of the year. Think strategically and make sure that you understand your audience persona in order to make the most of this sales opportunity.


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