I’m a hypocrite

Yes it’s true. Full disclosure, I’m a big freakin’ hypocrite. I preach the wonders of living on a budget, when in reality, I pretty much don’t. Maybe this makes me a terrible person to go to for financial insight, but I think it just makes me normal. Let’s face it, we all compromise a little … Read more

Would you do it?

I am gonna be honest with you all and you have to promise not to judge me. If you have followed my monthly expenses you will notice that I have a “gift” section in my income category. If you have paid close attention to this section you will notice about every other month I receive … Read more

Im richer than I was a month ago!

It’s that time of the month again, no I’m not menstruating. I get to update my networth and daddy likes what he sees…positive growth. I usually don’t break down my worth in as much detail as other PF bloggers, mainly because I post  my expenses each month and that tracks all the money that comes … Read more