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I’m so edgy.

I was driving home last night and, out of nowhere, had an amazing idea pop in to my brain. Crazy how things like that just happen out of the blue. Anywhoozle, You know how guys grow mustaches out in November, often calling it Movember or No Shave November? Well, what if Girl Ninja and I did a No Save November?

I mean, it’s pretty common in the PF blogosphere to see a blogger do a no-spend challenge for a week or month. Personally, I think no spend challenges are dumb, but you already knew that. If you have the wherewithal to maintain a personal finance blog, I’m going to assume you probably no longer have a spending problem. In fact, it’s probably quite the opposite, you’ve likely become a frugal fruitcake.

After a few years of very intentional saving, Girl Ninja and I are fortunate to be in a position where we have some major flexibility with our cash flow. We’ve been saving around $3,000 a month for the last 2.5 years.

It’s time we did something a little unconventional. Come November, Girl Ninja and I will implement a very strict No Saving policy for 30 days. That means every dollar we make we in November, we must spend in November. How fun will that be!?

It’s a good thing we’re not rolling this program out until November, gives me some time to make a list of things we should buy.

  • Twenty-six inch spinner rims
  • A new blender
  • A laptop
  • A miniature horse named Chad

Who knows what we’ll end up with! One thing is for sure, I’m excited for November to roll around so we can be the first PF bloggers to ever have a No Save month. Who wants to join the fun and make this a thing? You have plenty of time to prepare!

p.s. As much as we’d like to just spend the money on a big trip, we think that’s the easy way out. No travel expenses allowed is our rule. And I think we will allow X-mas gifts to be permissible expenses.



  1. I know of a really good blender when you guys start looking, my Blendtec blender is amazing! I think it was $399 at Costco! I don’t know how I would work with a no save month….it’d be interesting. That’s for sure!

  2. I really like this idea! Then again, I’ve been spending more than what I’ve been taking home for the last few months, (not by a lot – mostly just by larger up-front costs like travel that move big purchases around), so I need to actually go the opposite way. But I’m wondering if this is mostly cost-shifting. If you decide you want a new TV or a new laptop or something in August, will you wait until November to buy it? The no-spend challenge is often similar – you still may need new clothes when it’s done, you just wait a few months to buy them rather than buying them right now.

    Also, do routine transfers to savings/automatic retirement contributions count as spending or not for this? is that money considered “spent”, or is it money that you need to spend on top? You guys will have a fun Black Friday for sure…

  3. I think this is a fine idea, but I would do it in September instead.

    And no offense, but you might fix this phrase: “how guys grow mustaches out in November each month.”

  4. I thought about doing that in April, when it’s our anniversary month. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable enough to try it in two months, but who knows! Maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and try it!

  5. Well since you are thinking of buying a house go to the home improvement. Pick up a cordless drill/impact driver, stud finder and a hammer. These are the most useful tool to own and take up the same amount of space as a small toaster oven. Then if you have covered storage space go to the outdoor section and get a nice grill.

  6. Great idea! You both are so responsible with your savings, it’ll be nice to have fun and enjoy all the money that you are making. Have fun and buy things that you want, not that you need 🙂

  7. I don’t see how taking a big trip is the easy way out, but it is your rules. To me the easy way out would be buying Christmas gifts since you were probably going to spend money on those anyways. I do like the idea of getting spinners but why not go all out and get some Gold Dayton’s (there are gold so they are an investment right?)

  8. Ha. It’s funny how radical this idea sounds- don’t save any money!- because it’s so much more common in the real world. But are you including retirement and the stock market in your no-save plan?

    Our 2013 expenses are going to be quite high, and we are hoping to take a fantastic honeymoon/end of graduate school and comprehensive exams trip in March of next year so we won’t be joining you in your no-save month. But I still like it, nevertheless!

  9. To each there own (and more power to you) but I don’t quite see the point. I could see the point if you had something like a trip in mind but why just spend your hard earned cash with nothing specific in mind?

    I guess it comes down to your feelings of having a savings ceilling, which I find very interesting. I’m curious why you aren’t interested in “retiring” early (which doesn’t have to mean the end of work, but instead the freedom to choose what do do with your time).

    Like I said, it’s totally your choice, so have a great time in November.

  10. Great way to break the monotany of saving every month. Sounds like fun. I foresee a lot of fine dining for GN and yourself. Reminds me of Brewster’s Millions a little bit.

  11. Hmm…that’s a no…We have to save for our down payment because we are tired of living close to loud yappy dogs.

    • Take a look at your city and county laws and ordinances. There might be local laws regarding noise ordinance and there may even be animal laws that could help you in this issue. If you live in a duplex and you are hearing the dogs through the walls…. you’re screwed. 🙂

  12. Personally, I think all funds should be used to figure out how to create a unicorn beyond taping a cone to a horse’s head

  13. I never understand extremes such as no spend or spend! It would be the same as going to an all you can eat brunch and try to pack away as much as you can. Slow and steady wins the race, why bother with no spend/spend activities?

    • I agree with you. The whole purpose of no spend (and probably) no save challenges are silly. That’s why I wrote a post about how no spend challenges are dumb. People just divert there expenses for a month, but don’t actually benefit from it. They just spend additional in the months before and after.

      This no save challenge is different. We wont be waiting to spend money for that month. Instead we will force ourselves to be frivolous for a month and spend everything we earn. Maybe that means eat out multiple times per week. Buy a new couch. Or any number of other expenses we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

  14. What a fun idea… and awesome that you’re in a position to be able to do it! I don’t think we’ll be joining you since we’ve still got some very specific stuff we’re saving for, but I look forward to seeing the awesome goods you get in November!

  15. Hmmm….a no save challenge. I like it! I hope you go for the miniature horse because that would be epic! You have a lot of time to think about what you want to do, so I am hoping that you rock it.

  16. My dream in life was to have a pony. Then I got one. A pony is like having a second job. Feed the pony, water the pony, brush the pony and scoop the poop. Ponies poop nonstop.

    Maybe Chad will be different.

  17. I’m planning to do this too, as soon as my emergency fund is finished (probably November-ish, so I may be right along side you guys!). I am going to focus on conscious spending – buying things I love or need but don’t normally find room in the budget for – a massage, manicures, restock the bar with some good stuff – or maybe stuff I need to replace in my house – towels, electronics, etc. I’ve been spending less than I earn for so long that it will be an interesting experiment!

  18. I think it sounds fun, and the fact that you have it planned for many months away means you get to have fun thinking of things to spend it on. I don’t think you should include Christmas presents in that amount, though, because you were going to buy those anyway. Right?

  19. I love that idea, and would love to do it with you, except I’m totally not at a point in my life where I can spend everything I bring in. (Still working on building that financial buffer a la your last post) Hope this becomes an annual thing and I can join you in 2016! Promise!

  20. […] of spending tons of money, PF blogger Ninja (of Punch Debt in the Face) is resolving to make November a strictly “no savings” month. What do you think about that? (I think it will be fun to watch, but a horrible move […]

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