HomerandomSan Francisc-oh yeah!!

San Francisc-oh yeah!!

I’m super pumped right now. Girl Ninja, and I are playing grown ups and traveling to San Francisco this weekend (I don’t know why, but I still feel too young to vacation without a chaperon). We get in early Saturday morning and will have through Monday night to take in all the city has to offer.

I think I’m especially excited because I fought my urge to be Planny Mcplannerson. Shoot, I don’t even have a budget set for our weekend. How ya like them apples financial responsibility!?

My guess is we’ll spend most of our time seeing awesome places and eating at awesome restaurants. Girl Ninja will probably want to participate in some awesome shopping, and I will probably want to sleep-in until awesomely late. I could care less what we do, as long as we have an awesome time. Get it? Got it? Good!

Awkward Transition…

On another note. I passed the final physical fitness test for my dream job and will be receiving my final offer any day now. In case you are wondering, I threw up three separate times during the test, one of which consisted of crazy gross projectile vomiting. But hey, good things never come easy right?

Girl Ninja and I have done much discussing about which path we will take (dream job or dream location) and although we still aren’t sure, we’ve committed to making the decision by Monday. Ultimately we have been praying that the Lord (as in God, not the flying spaghetti monster) will give us like-mindedness and peace about our future. We literally have no clue what we are going to do, but I know that God does, and that my friends gives me hope 🙂

Although this process has been stressful, we’ve been able to learn so much more about ourselves and our relationship. This is a VERY SIGNIFICANT weekend for us. Expect an update next week.

A second awkward transition…

I just wanted to give a special shout out to my Canadian commenters. Booya for Canada….the junior varsity version of  the U.S…. just kidding… kind of.

I’d like to pretend that I’m going to respond to more comments, but the fact of the matter is I probably wont. For two reasons….

1) I’m kind of lazy.


2) Sometimes I get way more comments than I know what to do with. While this is a great problem to have. I’d be totally lying if I said I would be responding to all of them. Heck, I got 70-something comments on my article about cell phones this week. It would take me like three hours to lay out a detailed response to each comment made.

That said, please don’t stop commenting! It’s the only metric I have to gauge your interest in what I write about. Although I don’t always respond, I SWEAR I READ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Random fact about me….

I had a mole underneath my left nipple, that I thought looked like a third nipple. I was so embarrased by it, I asked my parents to let me have it surgically removed when I was a kid. Thankfully they obliged, I am proud to say, I’ve been third nipple free for 12+ years now 🙂

What’s a random fact about you?

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  1. The giant face I drew on my chest for last night’s post is still there. And it will probably be there a week from now, too.

  2. 1) Can’t WAIT to hear about your weekend in San Fran; it’s on our Bucket List of places to visit. You’re right, as long as you have an AWESOME time, it’s all good!!
    2) I am a believe in fate, as well as God only giving you what you can handle. Kuddos to you and Girl Ninja for keeping the lines of communication open and discussing what’s important for your future; I’m confident you’ll make the decision that’s right for both of you.
    3) LOVIN’ ME THE SPECIAL CANADA SHOUT-OUT!! BOOYA!! You’ve got a lot of Canuck fans up here in the Great White North!
    4) Random fact about me… I can touch my nose with my tongue.

  3. Enjoy your weekend and know that God is in control. He will work things out better than you can ever expect for both you and Girl Ninja!

    Okay you MUST have seen the Oprah’s All Stars. I could not believe that guy let Dr. Oz squeeze his 3rd nipple on TV. Okay it was one thing to be examined but another to actually let him squeeze it and try to see the discharge. My hubby and I almost fell off the sofa when he squeezed it.

    Random fact about me…I am the only woman in my family who can’t cook…STILL!

  4. Random fact eh! I prefer my own company then other’s especially when travelling.

    Enjoy your trip!!!

    I am sure everything will work out in the end!!

  5. SF is awesome, just got back like last week. Take Girl Ninja shopping on Hayes St between Gough St and Leguna St, then grab a drink at Absinthe Bar or a cup cake at Miette.

    As for dream job or dream location: go for the job. You have your retirement for dream location, time to pay the dues now. (Unless you dream about raising kids in the perfect neighborhood or something)

  6. Canada is so not junior varsity! nice try Ninja!!!

    I think you should go with the dream job. you’re young, no kids yet, and you should just go where life takes you. At least you know that Seattle can always be waiting in the background if things don’t pan out. But if you don’t take the dream job you’ve probably blown your only chance at that, and in time, you may regret that decision.
    I wish you luck in making that decision, and I hope that you both are at peace with whichever decision you make. Sometimes being a grown up and making major life decisions stinks 🙁

    Have fun in San Fran!

  7. Have a really great trip!

    Random fact about me: If I’m shopping for clothes, I can’t buy the item that I try on. I have to buy something that has clearly never been tried on by anyone. Not even me. Totally weird, I know.

  8. Have a great trip!

    Random facts, I can make my toungue fold up like a 3 leaf clover. 🙂 I can also do the voice of Gonzo from the muppets dead on and sound exactly like a screeching monkey or clucking chicken or pissed off cat. Oh yeah, my husband caught a winner, lol. 🙂

  9. I haven’t vomited since I was in 3rd grade, which is a good thing because last time I vomited I had noodles from chicken noodle soup come out of my nose.

  10. I am a mother to a ninja who had a thrid nipple and used Planny McPlannerson in a sentance…oh the shame!
    On the other hand I have an awesome daughter in law ninja so there is still hope for my son!

    • Hahaha! Momninja, you hit on the two things that jumped out at me too! Third nipple…I will try to forget that one. But Planny McPlannerson…..I LOVE that. I am totally going to start calling my husband that!

  11. Hope you have a great time in San Francisco!
    If you can, you should stop by Land’s End which is right near the Leigon of Honor, and it has amazing views of the Golden Gate, and is a great place for photo ops.
    The Palace of Fine Arts is another great photo op, and is really beautiful.
    Also, La Cornetta has the best burritos, but La Taqueria is a close second.
    If you’re looking for fun, noisy, kind of rowdy Italian, Steps of Rome in North Beach is the spot for sure.
    /end unsolicited suggestions and advice

  12. Enjoy San Francisco! It is one of my favorite cities. My daughter lives there and we try to visit at least once a year. She visits us much more often. The best Dim Sum in the city is Yank Sing at 49 Stevenson St. (Near the foot of Market). Good luck on the dream job.

  13. I was catching up on my blog reading, and just saw this post. Have a great weekend vacation (I love SF, too!) and I’m sure that you’ll figure things out on the plane ride back home. This is VERY exciting.

  14. Canucks are watching you, Secret Agent Ninja! We just want to make sure you aren’t plotting some Secret Agency country takeover (or something like that).

    Random fact about me: I see dead people! Lol!
    (Pop over to my blog and ask me, if you dare!)

  15. Have a great time in SF.

    Random Fact – My dog’s ears are waaay too big for her head, which makes her really cute!

  16. Whatever decision you make it’s going to be AWESOME!

    Random Fact – I’m missing the largest bone in my body. Well, I didn’t loose it. I broke it and it’s still in the shop getting repaired 😉

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ninja, Tiny_TCrss4home. Tiny_TCrss4home said: Reading: San Francisc-oh yeah!!: I’m super pumped right now. Girl Ninja, and I are playing grown ups and travel… […]

  18. Random fact: I am a cyclops, directly descended from Polyphemus in Homer’s Odyssey. I always get a 50% discount on contacts.

    • I think it has to do with two things. The test is hard (it’s what keeps most applicants from getting a job offer). But more importantly, nerves. Last time I took it, I threw up then as well. I never throw up during the mock tests I’ve taken, but when it comes to the real deal, nerves get the best of me 🙂

  19. Have fun in San Francisco! I love my town; it’s the best place ever. Depending on the kind of shopping GIrl Ninja likes, you can take her to Union Square (Neiman Marcus, Prada, etc) and/or SF Centre (more $$ stores but not as upscale), or Hayes Valley (section of SF with cute little boutiques), or the Fillmore (stay north of Geary Blvd, $$ stores like Marc by Marc Jacobs). I personally favor the Union Square/SF Centre area because you get pretty much everything you desire.

    Congrats on the physical exam!

  20. Can’t wait to hear your decision about the job.
    Random fact about me: I LOVE Star Trek and watch it every single day.

  21. San Fransciso is one of the coolest cities in the U.S….though I live in the Chicago area, I’ve been to S.F. at least 15 times in my life. Great place. Expensive place too…very. If in the Marina area, check out a few casual dining spots – The Plant, and The Grove. Similar, eh?

    Random fact: I was once able to do an acclaimed Ronald Reagan impression. Voice, that is…at least I hope what everyone meant:) It’s been a while, but I could probably bring it back if needed.

  22. We from Canada love you too! What has spurred your Canada-love? (Other than the fact that we are awesome, even though we are like Junior Varsity of the US lol)

    Awesome picture of San Fran- You’re going to take over San Francisco! Are you going to meet up with Financial Samurai? 🙂 A must is to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge and head into Sausolito- so fun and romantic.

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