Real Money, Virtual Money

It was just in the last year, 2017, that most people became unembarrassed to acknowledge the fact that they did not really know what money is. This ignorance was brought about by the surge in prizes and hence the popularity of the Bitcoin.  We would all be hard-pressed to find a normally functional adult who does not know what Bitcoins are. However, the bulk of the people will only be able to tell you that it is a cryptocurrency or virtual money at the best. The majority of the people that will give these correct answers do not even know what the replies mean.

Bitcoins are just one of the many cryptocurrencies that are currently in circulation and can be used for casinos online. The currencies are valued just like national currencies are. This means that one cryptocurrency can have a larger value than another. Bitcoins are the most valuable among all the other currencies.

Is It Real Money

Over the years people have lost the concept of what money is. Instead of progressing to find solutions in future trends we are being rescued by old wisdom. Money is fast deteriorating back to anything that has value. This is the same concept that was used by our ancestors many years ago when they began to batter trade.

This is now the exact same situation that we are in today. Money is no longer defined by the principles that we had all come to know and easily understand. No longer is money defined as a physical representation of value. Due to latest technological trends, money’s lifespan in the physical realm is now shorter.

Finally, money is now anything that easily allows you to transact. By using this definition, the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more easily recognizable as money than gold and many 2nd and 3rd world country currencies. It is easier to buy and sell things using cryptocurrencies or virtual money than using hard currency. Using Gold, the reserve currency is even more difficult. Imagine trying to fund your online casino gaming with gold bullion, visit for more information. You would only be able to play after the transaction is complete which is several days later. However, with virtual currencies, you are able to play right away. So, we ask again the question, which is the real currency?